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China Everbright Bank unconditionally honor

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Due principal and interest due |         Date of Interest: April 14, 2016, Due Date: August 24, 2016
China Everbright Bank unconditionally honor, after the expiration of 1 to 3 working days repayment (including expiration date)
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Puppy money money

Registered capital: 1000000000 Founded Date: 2014-12-14

Puppy money money is a state-controlled financial paper bill platform in Shanghai. To the public investors to provide safe and convenient investment and wealth management products with high quality notes assets. At present, the platform has obtained 80% state-owned holding by the central-level state-owned enterprises in Ningbo and Ningbo, and is the only Internet financial platform in the country that is wholly owned by the entire ownership-controlled enterprises and absolutely controlled by state-owned enterprises.

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