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Fu silver ticket number 004 period 15Z101440

Zhejiang Bank unconditionally honor

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Due principal and interest due |         Date of Interest: October 17, 2015, Expiration Date February 18, 2016
Zhejiang Bank unconditional payment, after the expiration of 1 to 3 working days repayment (including expiration date)
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Fu silver ticket number

Registered capital: 30 million Date of establishment: 2015-04-03

The BOC Ticket is established and operated by Shanghai BOC Internet Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. It is the leading platform for providing all-round Internet financial services to individuals, enterprises and banks in China. BOC Ticket was certified as a credit website by China E-Commerce Digital Service Center and was rated the highest by People's Bank of China and China Banking Regulatory Commission.

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Notes collateral

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