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Ping An Pratt & Whitney - Premium Loan Requires a property, there is a mortgage repayment record within one year, the property is against... View
CreditEase - wage owner loan Requires a property, requires a mortgage on the property, and pays the card... View
Credit Suisse Finance - Li Jing Solutions There are requirements for the credit situation, there are requirements for age, and the wages of the card are large... View
CreditEase-payroll owner loan Ask for a vehicle under the name, the card wage is more than 2000 yuan, to... View
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Mr. Cui

Office workers, working years 1 to 3 years, monthly punch card salary is...


Mr. Zhao

Office worker, working years 6 to 11 months, 25 years old


Mr. Li

Local household registration, office workers, employees/cadres

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