Announcement on the risk warning to remind users to beware of false fraud
Rong 360 Anti-fraud Working GroupDate: 2018-06-04
In view of the recent high incidence of fraud cases, some lawless elements pretend to be 360 ​​staff members to help users apply for loans, raise funds, request repayments, etc., defraud users of bank cards, SMS verification code information for deduction, or require users to WeChat, Alipay Transfer. In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of users, Rong 360 solemnly reminds:
1. Rong 360 will not charge users in any name, and any privately charged behavior to users is false fraud. Rong 360 will not ask customers for sensitive information such as bank card number and SMS verification code by phone. Please do not disclose your sensitive information to anyone under any circumstances.
2, please look for the only WeChat public number of Rong 360: Rong_360 and the only hotline customer service: 10100360, beware of being deceived.
For any organization or personnel who use the company's name to engage in illegal fraud activities, we will take legal action to protect the legitimate rights and interests of ourselves and users.
The following are common methods for recent fraudsters. Please be sure to recognize the situation and beware of fraud:
1. Add the user WeChat or qq number, claiming that it can help the user to pay the next paragraph. The user needs to provide various information such as name, mobile phone number, ID number, bank card number, etc., and send the user a fake loan contract, which requires the user to sign and send the photo, then In the name of the guarantee fee and the insurance premium, the user is required to scan the code and transfer the money, and then transfer the account with no remarks.
2. Contact the user with a private phone, claiming that it has been approved, and ask the user to provide the bank card number for the loan, and at the same time request the SMS verification code, and then deduct the charge directly after obtaining the verification code.
3. Contact the user with a private phone, claiming that the order has been approved and rejected, can help the user to lend money offline, and defraud the user information, request to add WeChat, qq transfer.
Rong 360 Anti-fraud Working Group