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Atomic loan
P2P online loan
Atomic Loan is a mobile-side online borrowing tool that provides a small amount of unsecured personal credit loans. Users can submit relevant information through the Atomic Credit APP or WeChat public account to complete the loan from loan application to loan and repayment. All processes, without any collateral and offline review.
Tencent credit
Personal credit
Tencent Credit Score is an authoritative and professional rating system launched by Tencent. The score is based on your WeChat and QQ Internet data. Through the five dimensions of “compliance, security, wealth, consumption, and socialization”, the results of comprehensive evaluation of advanced technologies such as big data and machine learning are used.
Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Loan
Bank personal loan
In order to comply with the development trend of small, real-time, convenient and online personal loan, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank has made great breakthroughs in the process of Internetization, including the Internet consumer loan “Puyin Point” launched in the second half of 2015. “Loan” and the cash-scheduled “Dream Loan” launched by Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Credit Card Center in the first half of 2016 are attracting attention due to its convenient application and low interest rate.
Fast loan
Novice loan
The three main modes of Internet finance in China: The first mode is that traditional finance provides services for everyone through Internet channels. The role of the Internet in it should be the role of channels. The second model refers to a type of e-commerce platform. They grasp the flow of funds and can know the information related to money in a timely manner. These are the advantages that banks have unmatched. With the appropriate risk control technology, they are likely to develop in related supply chain financing, consumer credit, and money market funds. The role of the Internet is to be credited. The third model, the Model of Personal Loan (P2P), provides more intermediary services that combine the lender's demand side.
Silver singularity
E-commerce microfinance
Beijing Flash Silver Technology Co., Ltd., established in April 2014, is the first Internet credit evaluation company in China. The Wecash Silver Singularity developed by it is currently the most advanced big data credit evaluation platform in China. There are many types of micro-credits, and a number of lending institutions have cooperated to release loan products.
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