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Alipay sesame seeds are more than 666 people are very powerful? Ma Yun said: It is really very 6

Editor: Damai Technology Source: Fast Information-Damai Technology 2018-11-09 09:35

Nowadays, when you go out shopping, you no longer need to carry your wallet. You only need to go out with your own smartphone to go global. At present, the cash payment model is not so popular, mobile payment has replaced cash circulation, and the most representative in the field of mobile payment is Alipay and WeChat.

Alipay is relatively more popular than WeChat payment. Alipay has a sound credit system, and Ma Yun has also created a Sesame Credit to help people count their credit history and try to build a credit society on the Internet in the future. In the sesame credit system, everything is measured by sesame seeds. If you are divided, you will be able to fly high, and if you are low, you will be difficult.

In the future, the better your credit, the more people will give you affirmation, and now the sesame score can reach the certain level to enjoy Alipay more benefits, the sesame score is graded, the lowest score is 350, up to 950 points, Sesame is more than 500 points. People who have opened the sesame credit function can basically achieve this score.

And the number of people who can reach 950 sesame points is definitely a minority. What kind of gods will these people be? Xiaobian has never encountered it.

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