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If the bank misplaces 100,000 to my card, can I sue the bank?

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Xiaobian I am going to put away the pig smile of "hahahahahahahahahahaha", correct the body and mind, support the seat, answer this serious and upright question.

First, why can banks make money into your card without permission?

The card is your card, the money is the money of others, the operation is the operation of the bank teller. According to the standard process, the teller is under the authorization of the bank to deposit or transfer money to others, but you must know that the person is not a saint If you can't do it, the teller is not a robot. We assume that the teller has made operational mistakes during the transfer process, and other people's money is "inadvertently" assigned to your account. Describe the behavior of the teller, legally called "mistake", describe the direction and development of this matter, probably "misunderstand", the teller's mistakes lead to this matter misunderstanding, to question the bank "by what" may be a bit too It is.


Second, the sudden increase in Kali money caused mood swings. Can you ask for mental compensation?

First of all, we must know when we can claim compensation for mental damage. Different people react differently to the same thing. There are corresponding provisions in the law for “mental damages”, which generally involve personal rights and personality rights, and cause serious consequences (of course not included). "Mood fluctuations"), but also need to consider the subjective fault level of the infringer, such as the wrong thing, the bank or the teller is unintentional, there is no subjective fault, then you are just "frustration", ask for the spirit The possibility of damages is infinitely close to zero.

Third, why can only bank sued you, you can not sue the bank?

Mainly speaking the first half of the sentence, the premise of the bank suing you is that your card is really more than 100,000 pieces out of thin air, and you know the matter, and you also deliberately refuse to return, the bank and the "other" can be unjustly profitable. In order to sue you, at its root, there is no legal basis for your profit, and there are people who suffer losses because you have no legitimate basis for profit. The second half of the sentence is easy to understand, you have no loss, how to sue others?

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