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My father was in his eighties and suddenly received a loan twenty years ago. What should I do?

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Loans more than 20 years ago (except for mortgages) In general, banks are unlikely to lend loans for long periods of time, and this loan is ignored. This situation is minimal.


For example, a mortgage is a mortgage loan. If it is not returned according to the agreed amount and the agreed time, the bank will collect it in various forms. If the repayment is not paid, the bank will apply for auction settlement of the pledge. If the credit card overdraft is not repaid during the repayment period agreed by the credit card overdraft, the bank will call to limit the credit card limit. If the bank fails to repay the loan in time, the bank will sue for suspected malicious overdraft and request repayment.

The father’s loan more than 20 years ago, if the loan is not signed at the time of signing the repayment period, the bank will have the right to recover within two years from the date of receiving the bank loan settlement notice, and the father should repay the loan as soon as possible, otherwise it will be sued by the bank. The court asked for a loan. If the loan is stipulated in the loan repayment period and exceeds two years, it may refuse to repay if it has not received any collection from the bank. The court may also not accept bank claims. But the bank will adversely record the father’s credit.

If your father has a liquidity obligation, even if the estate is dead, it must be paid off. You have to inherit the father's estate and you must be responsible for repaying the loan. If you give up inheritance, you can not repay the debt due to your father.

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