What should I do if my father is in his 80s and suddenly receives a loan of 20 years?

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More than 20 years ago, loans (except mortgages) Under normal circumstances banks can not lend loans for a long time, and indifferent to the loan, this is the case is minimal.


For example: mortgage, the general mortgage is arrived (qualitative) mortgage loans, if not the agreed amount and the agreed time to return, the bank will collect through various forms. If the repayment does not return, the bank will apply for the arrival of (quality) collateral auction clearance. Another example is the credit card overdraft, credit card overdraft agreed repayment time no repayment, the bank will call to limit the collection credit limit, the bank repeatedly urging still not timely repayment, the bank will prosecute the suspected malicious overdraft and ask for repayment.

If his loan was signed more than 20 years ago, his father did not pay the repayment right within two years from the date of receiving the notice of bank loan collection, and his father should repay the loan as soon as possible. Otherwise, he will be bankrupted The court demanded repayment. If the loan has agreed on the loan repayment period of more than two years, during which no bank received any collection can refuse to repay. Courts may also not accept bank claims. However, the bank will adversely record his father's credit.

If your father has a liquidation obligation, even if it is the legacy of the dead must pay off. You inherit the father's legacy you must be responsible for the loan repayment. Your abandonment of inheritance can not repay your father's debt.

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