Alipay will go bankrupt?

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Alipay is Alipay (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. under the brand, there are "Alipay" and "Alipay wallet" two independent brands. The second quarter of 2014 became the world's largest mobile payment vendor, is the leading third-party payment platform.

Alipay, since its launch, won the hearts and minds, very popular, quickly occupied the Chinese payment market, becoming the boss of third-party payment. However, in the face of the development of Alipay, both Central Bank and the big banks are not only jealous, but also have repeatedly released new regulations to suppress them. However, Alipay is still strong and perseverant, and the remaining balance has become the world's No. 1 Monetary Fund. At the same time, some people also put forward such a guess: Alipay will go bankrupt?

To answer this question, let's begin by understanding a term bankruptcy.


Definition of bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a legal process that declares the debtor's insolvency and the subsequent chain repayment to the creditors. Means that when all the assets of the debtor can not pay off the debts due, the creditors will, through certain legal procedures, provide all the assets of the debtor for their average repayment so as to relieve the debtor of other debts that can not be settled. In most cases, bankruptcy refers to a company's behavior and economic behavior. But people are sometimes accustomed to stopping an individual or company from going on, also known as bankruptcy.

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