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My loan exchange sharing

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Born in 85 years, in 2007, he signed his first China Merchants Bank dual-currency credit card (1,000 yuan). The use is EBAY registered seller account, the seller account is frozen, the credit card has been occasionally brushed.

Last year, my brother invested in PTP on the Internet. After a short time, I called home and said that I had a little money, not more than a thousand yuan, not enough investment. Our family is worried that his investment is at risk and he is cheated. after all
His money was accumulated in the factory for several years of hard work. The younger brother came home from the Shenzhen factory. The investment project showed me that it was a crowdfunding stock. Personally feel that the project is good, and I agree with my brother's investment at home. And try to invest.

I don’t know what projects the forum’s friends have invested in on behalf of the network. I hope everyone can communicate together.

Last year, I did 1688 customer service at a ball factory, and only a few small orders were sold in a few months. There is no paid promotion in 1688, and there is really no future. I will resign afterwards to do WISH. 1+1 dollar packet, EBAY source. At the beginning, the order is slowly increasing. The latter platform requires logistics tracking information. Just suspend the account for 3 months. Then, just wait for the funds on the platform to come out... (very hurt) until September 15th until 3 months, then say that 10.1 can be cashed out, and then meet the October National Day··· waiting I will arrive in a few days.

After resigning from the local ball factory, I started applying for a credit card in May-June. After nearly half a year of investment, the income was stable. Speaking of applying for a credit card, it is because the owner of the ball factory uses a hand brush and then finds one on the Internet to pay 10 yuan. I have a way to apply for a credit card. Apply for credit cards from more than 10 banks at one time. I have applied for 3.5K by hand brush application. At that time, I was recruiting the old card 2K (4K) <16Ke loan has recently disappeared>. Behind it is the 5K yuan of CCB. Traffic 18K yuan. Minsheng 20K yuan. Guangfa 23K. "ABC 30K (55K temporary mortgage credit card). 59K Netcom loan. "Pufa 20K (110K million gold with 10K quota). The good news on the Internet, CITIC Everbright began to say that the first trial had passed, and the card could not be released later. I think it should be the reason for the one-time application card too much. Then Huaxia, which followed the application, also hanged directly. After that, I have never applied for a credit card. Internet business loan 3K (10-year-old Taobao shop was hanged by myself, Huayan 13K borrowed no) Baidu wallet 3K Ping An HP 3K (with management fees, insurance fees, interest feeling pit, decisively gave up)
Zhaolian Finance 9K. Micro-credit 17K Erba 8.5k (Recommended by WeChat public platform brother) 360 loan 13.5K. Jiangxi Bank mobile phone second loan 7K (is the amount of money that the bank has seen after downloading this activity) The individual is about this.

This year, in August, when children are going to elementary school, they plan to go to the bank to borrow money for renovation. Going to the Agricultural Bank, I was told that the Netease loan, but only 59,000 enough to renovate the 130-flat house, and a loft ··· told that there are no other loan channels. Anger...··
The back is to let the wife apply for CCB decoration loan, her salary is issued on behalf of the bank, then the real estate certificate copy, social security fund, wages and water are submitted, and finally put. The reason is that I applied for 8 credit cards. It caused her to be rejected. ··············································································

I already have 8 credit cards. Can I apply after I have a card in June?

I hope that my friends can recommend a few reliable large-value online loans. Baidu wallet, online business loan, do not intend to borrow. The small amount is still on the credit. Feeling a huge pit, borrowing these,
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