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[Old cannon daily share] Alipay equity fund earnings how to count

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    2017-5-27 10:00
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    Posted at 2017-5-11 09:59:44 | Show all floors |Reading mode

    Alipay equity fund earnings how to count it? Alipay in wealth management, such as changing the treasure will be kept for a day to see the proceeds, the purchase of funds and more and more become today's financial management of a fashion, the Internet era, which brings people convenient, but many of my friends on the purchase of Alipay equity fund earnings how Be very understanding, done a finishing on this and share with you.
    1, how to calculate the return of equity funds The method is:
    Fund Revenue = Fund Share × (redemption fund unit net - subscription date net fund unit) - redemption fee
    Fund share = (purchase amount - purchase price × purchase rate) ÷ net unit value of the day
    Redemption fee = Redemption share × Redemption fund unit net × redemption rate
    Rate of return = (total assets - total investment) ÷ total investment × 100%
    Average annual rate of return = (total return + 1) square root (12 / fixed month) -1
    Fund share = purchase amount * (1 - subscription rate) / net purchase date fund;
    Revenue = Fund Share * Net Value of Redemption Fund * (1 - Redemption Fee) + Cash Dividend - Subscription Amount.
    If the dividend way for the dividend reinvestment, fund shares need to check the fund account.
    2, the redemption date options: stock funds and the stock market is very large, if you think the market has been at the top of the choice to redeem, but the top of the judge have a certain degree of difficulty.
    3, the new fund has a relatively long period of subscription and closed period, the interest only during the subscription period, closed during the fund began to Jiancang, due to the position is not high, the yield is lower than the old fund, it is not recommended to invest in newly issued Fund, the proposed investment in the old fund, after the closure period and then decide whether to enter the new fund.
    In the bank, the securities company consignment agency or fund company through the purchase or redemption of direct selling fund, the fund is based on the net value of the transaction; if the exchange for the field of trading, the exchange price is published based on the transaction.
    Alipay Stock Fund earnings how to count it? Note that if you risk is not strong, is the first white-light financial management, it is recommended that you buy money, and the eggs can not be placed in the same basket.
    The above information is only needed for the dissemination of information, not as an investment reference, part of the text from the Internet media, does not represent a position. Investors operate accordingly, risk at your own expense.
    Micro signal: i-mShell

    Knowledge management, good financial management, welcome to exchange.
    This post is posted for the author, does not mean melt 360 position, reproduced need to indicate the source
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