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  • RunningUp

    0 replies - 303 views


    2017-6-5 21:05  - Dog tail grass  - Loan question and answer

  • Runningin

    2 replies - 303 views

    You Luyou, who has a goodRunningPlace! I don’t only have this online loan, but also some small loans. I really can’t help it. I feel sorry for my parents and my wife.

    2018-1-2 11:33  - Small nets are murdering dead people.  - Ashore story

  • Is there a together?Runningof?

    6 replies - 202 views

    I have a net loan of 60 yuan, a total of 100,000, has begun to collect, hit the contact person, still no penny, the family did not dare to face, rural families, no money to help me, prepareRunningThere are no brothers who have changed together and come back again. After three years of hard work, Dongshan will start again. ...

    2017-12-1 07:56  - It’s hard for a man to go to the sky  - Loan question and answer

  • readyRunningIt is. . .

    1 reply - 404 views

    I am a student. I lost tens of thousands of online loans. I confessed to my family once, but I didn’t confess it. I also confessed to my brother alone. The result was useless. Now I’m going to be blasted again, waiting for me to explode. I can onlyRunningHowever, hitting the Internet loan is a no-low hole, and I regret it. . . ...

    2017-7-26 22:59  - I really can’t stand it.  - Loan question and answer

  • platformRunning- Where is the problem?

    0 replies - 1167 views

    Not long after the New Year, the Internet finance industry has revived. The recent two online loan problem platform events have once again sounded the alarm for investors' investment after the holiday. In fact, many people don’t know why the platform is suddenly closed down.RunningWhat? First case In itself...

    2016-3-7 15:38  - Niu Niu Finance N  - Wool wool

  • Online loan platformRunningUp

    0 replies - 505 views

    Some people say that the online loan platform is thundering, and the money they borrowed is not needed. First of all, the ideas of these people are too evil, and they are in debt and pay back their money.

    2018-3-5 01:54  - Koollin  - Loan question and answer

  • Online loanRunningtide

    0 replies - 606 views

    I can’t get out now.

    2017-11-29 13:33  - Smile and laugh again  - Loan skill

  • Is this this?RunningUp

    0 replies - 101 views

    Lightning is on the same line, it expires today, and I have not sent a text message to remind me to repay it.

    2017-12-4 09:57  - Where is tomorrow?  - Loan question and answer

  • Going ashore, hopeless, readyRunning

    0 replies - 101 views

    Frankly, my father is very angry. I don’t want to take it. I can’t go to the bank and can’t afford it. Hey, everyone’s key points are serious. Anyway, it’s overdue. Ready to cancel the call.

    2017-12-7 22:14  - The sea of ​​loans is like the sea.  - Ashore story

  • miss youRunningUp

    8 replies - 8 views


    2018-11-1 20:04  - Buckle 990555865  - Loan question and answer

  • tired,RunningAnd finally put some moneyRunningRight

    3 replies - 303 views

    In March, I entered the pit and just earned 10 people. I felt that the money came really simple. I lost 13 of the last night, and lost every day after losing every day. I lost 40 before and after. 10 or so. Really tired, unable to return to the sky, do not want to gamble, but do not block interest every month, not gambling, gambling once ...

    2017-8-17 15:24  - Shoushang  - Loan question and answer

  • Inventory: all kinds of wonderfulRunningannouncement

    0 replies - 1259 views

    When the online loan (P2P) entered the stage of stock elimination from the barbaric long, the fragility of the industry mentality was staggering, and one of its characteristics was the frequent announcement. NO.8 Chairman vows to coexist with the platform to die from the black index: ★ ☆ On the morning of February 17, Shenzhen Huika public micro-signal released a "investment and financial platform emergency ...

    2016-2-24 14:06  - Financial student  - Friendship life

  • The loan can't afford it.Running?

    0 replies - 716 views

    Once the loan cannot be repaid, it is recommended not to chooseRunningThe first step is to punish those who have a bad reputation. The banks and lending institutions always have some ways to find you. Xiao Bian summarizes some channels for finding borrowers' information. First, possible sources of information 1, call 114 to find 1) ...

    2016-10-27 21:04  - Veggie heart i  - Loan question and answer

  • Debt ten thousand plansRunningUp

    0 replies - 202 views

    The credit card 70,000 monthly interest rate of 60,000 online loans 40,000, the various types of face supervision expired, can not go back. Are there any good ways for the old irons?

    2018-3-4 07:51  - Online loan to work  - Loan skill

  • I heard that small platforms areRunningUp

    1 reply - 336 views

    I heard that small platforms areRunningIs the flash still stable?

    2017-12-8 13:25  - I like to do things with my heart.  - Card experience

  • You have made a small loanRunningWhat will happen?

    0 replies - 101 views

    Some people don’t want to pay back a small loan every year.RunningThere are also many people. Happy borrowed Xiaobian to tell you theseRunningof. What you are facing will be these troubles~ Whether or not the borrower is “disappeared”, the creditor can bring the borrower to court and ask the court to decide that it will repay the debt...

    2017-10-18 16:29  - Little angel  - Card experience

  • Investors will talk about whether money will be full of moneyRunning

    0 replies - 2115 views

    It has been nearly a year since I invested in online loans. From the initial recommendation of friends to joining the investment group to discuss and discuss it, it is worthwhile to consider whether a platform is worth investing. Although I dare not say that I am a veteran, but for some simple identification. Still have a little experience. The money full event held this time was invited...

    2015-10-15 17:40  - Qianmancang  - Wool wool

  • Xuangu Finance is notRunningUp

    1 reply - 934 views

    Xuangu Finance is notRunningWhat? Xuangu Financial Company tells you that it is definitely not! ! ! ! Xuangu Financial Company inspirationally became a small but excellent, large and complete P2P financial company. The reasons for the company's problems are as follows! 1. Company problem: Some problems such as the relocation of the company in the previous period, causing a large number of users to concentrate and withdraw from the lag. ...

    2015-10-21 15:41  - Xuangu Finance  - Wool wool

  • Think this timeRunningCan't run!

    0 replies - 101 views

    Since the first half of the year, I have been gambling! So I got in touch with online loans! Now I have more than 30 mouths! Everyday is a repayment day! Where should I go!

    2017-6-21 19:27  - Metropolitan Supervisor  - Loan question and answer

  • One-click query platform risk rejectionRunning

    19 replies - 1620 views

    It’s hard to see the insider of the bad debt platform for a long time. It’s even harder to look at the bad debt platform. Jiafeng Reid’s risk inquiry tool helps you to decode the financial platform, whether you want to know the financial platform or wealth management products. All streaking in front of you, screening the quality investment financial platform, rejecting bad debts and rejecting...

    2016-6-23 15:05  - Tu Mengmeng  - Friendship life

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