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After more than thirty mouths down

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Published on 2017-12-7 19:14:01

From Rong 360 iPhone Edition

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Here, I want to give you a deep advice, don't engage in online lending, first you will be lured by things in various languages, various low-interest various 3000 5000 8000 or even more than 10,000 Attracted? Once you have smashed the first hole, you can't stop it. There will be a second, third, and thirtyth, and then you will borrow it. So is it really a head? In the end, it is a word "end"! ! ! About overdue? Overdue means the various threats of various outsourced collection personnel, various coercion, and various high expenses incurred overdue. I want to ask who gives you the right to let you threaten other people’s families, who gives you the right to let you To curse someone else's loved ones? These people's circle of friends are all they go to fight others, and then put all kinds of photos into a filthy thing, screaming, telling you, you are not returning, you are waiting, this is the consequence, and there is no difference between the triad, I have more than 30 voices left now, and I still advise you not to get online loans. Finally, the interest will be counted down to scare your chin, and you will doubt that you, some people, or even not live. The courage, of course, there is no desire, there will be no such things, and finally I wish you all the old iron to go ashore! !
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