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The cash loan industry is on the "tightening curse". Mutual gold association: no "card" organization should stand...

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    2017-11-27 16:14
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    Published on 2017-11-27 16:15:35 | Show all floors |Reading mode
        Following the suspension of the issuance of the network small loan licenseThe cash loan industry is again on the "tightening curse"
      On November 24, the China Internet Finance Association (hereinafter referred to as the Mutual Gold Association) issued a network small loan risk warning that the institutions that have recently provided small cash loan services to individuals through the Internet have rapidly increased the number of institutions that do not have the ability to lend and exist. The spread of such behaviors as attracting customers, violent collections, and charging for high interest rates and fees is likely to cause financial risks and social problems in local areas to disrupt economic and social order.
    Mutual Gold Association saidRelevant institutions should strictly abide by the law that the bottom line does not have the ability to lend, and should immediately stop illegal lending.
    industryAnalyst believesAt present, China's market-based credit information system has not yet established that the debt data between the online loan industry has not been shared, resulting in a weak overall risk control capability of the industry. At the same time, the establishment of a wind control system is time-consuming and labor-intensive. The high-speed lending institutions can only seek cooperation from institutions with strong wind control.
    Late or there is a cash lending institution to stop the tide
    RecentlyThe National Internet Finance Security Technology Expert Committee issued the "Twenty-second Week of the National Internet Finance Sunshine Plan" - China's Cash Loan Development Report (hereinafter referred to as the report).
    The report showsAs of November 19, the National Internet Financial Risk Analysis Technology Platform found more than 2,000 operating cash loan platforms. The above-mentioned platform uses the website, WeChat public account and APP to operate the cash loan business. The platform that engages in the cash loan business through the website 1044, the platform that engages in the cash loan business through the WeChat public account, 860 platforms that engage in the cash loan business through the mobile APP 429 Family.
    Mutual Gold Association TipsThose who do not have the ability to lend immediately should stop the illegal lending behavior and have the legal lending qualification. They should actively strengthen the self-discipline and reasonable pricing to ensure that the pricing of interest rates is in compliance with relevant national laws and regulations.
    Fang Wei, president of Guangzhou Internet Finance AssociationAt present, everyone is implementing the "red line" standard of the 36% annual interest rate of the Supreme People's Court judicial interpretation. In fact, the financial authorities have not issued regulations on this aspect. "So it is better to use the industry's self-discipline, such a large organization to take the lead in clearing the rules and to implement the norms and standards for the industry."
    Industry personExpressThis will speed up the elimination of some cash lending institutions that have no licenses and no risk control capabilities. But this may not urge the industry to convert to compliance because the regulatory tightening and reduced risk control ability will only make some cash loans difficult to operate. It is difficult for them to reverse this situation later or there is a wave of mergers and acquisitions of cash lending institutions.
    Wind control must be built on the credit system
    Current cash loan platformThere is a strong dependence on third-party credit data. There is a problem with the cash loan risk control model. There is almost no threshold for core risk control measures through long-term collection. In fact, the prior review is the most important, but the general cash loan platform does not have such a large capacity to do the risk control. Now onlyThis way, crossing the river by feeling the stonesSlowly solve the problem. Either the central bank takes the lead in setting up everyone's credit information system or selectively issuing some licenses to build the missing parts together.

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