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Guideline: Qian Haizhong's Dinghai Shenzheng, the forum's investors, and the basic people's worship of the gods and posts have a unique analysis and comment on the stock market, fund trends, and revenue.
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Preview Whether the fund is making money or not, the key lies in "take profit" and "not stop loss." Attachment ...2 Red Mountain Tea 2016-7-7 206986 Wang Ruoqi 2018-4-27 15:32
Preview Alipay / Wealth Management / Jingdong Small Treasury, which is strong in current wealth management? ...2 Xie Yijun 2017-5-12 1418342 Aaa6753388 2018-3-10 02:46
Preview How the Fund voted (five) - led the resilience, it is so coquettish! Attach_img ...2 Financial planner Zhang Yunfei 2016-6-8 115155 Jenem520s 2018-2-24 21:15
Preview Super practical! How to use the fund's fixed investment record form Attach_img ...2 Struggling small birds 2017-1-25 1310315 Fish2008 2018-1-30 10:27
Preview Earn some money and pay rent Attach_img ...2 Financial planner Zhang Yunfei 2016-7-22 106252 Zhang456728 2018-1-7 21:15
Preview Teach you how to choose a good base Xie Yijun 2017-6-15 612016 Rookie by the sea 2018-1-3 10:22
Preview The China Banking Regulatory Commission expressly stated that MMM mutual aid financing is an illegal institution Attach_img Expert Wang Jing 2016-1-20 91863 Heavenly Love 2017-12-26 06:37
Preview The first anniversary of 5178 passed. After the stock disaster, what did you gain? You are in prison for no time 2016-6-17 42431 Lok Lok Sen 2017-12-16 12:55
Preview Three Misunderstandings of Purchasing Funds Xie Yijun 2017-4-20 510131 Li Guiwei 2017-12-15 23:05
Preview What is the FOF Fund? The kimi god is very loving 2016-6-23 92468 Zhang Qiang app 2017-12-14 15:42
Preview [Original] Lying down, not loading, is really dead! Attach_img ...2 Yuhua Tea 2017-2-9 1917212 Rookie by the sea 2017-12-6 09:38
Preview Jingtian Wealth Management: Come to work, return to rest Attach_img ...23 Jingtian Finance 2017-2-13 twenty one16447 Rookie by the sea 2017-11-21 09:26
Preview Is it appropriate for college students to invest in wealth management? ...2 Xie Yijun 2017-2-13 twenty two17421 A282654 2017-11-16 18:30
Preview Bear market stocks can also make money Attach_img ...2 Longjing tea 2016-10-10 394114 Chinese Emperor 2017-11-1 06:46
Preview untitled hot post ...2 Floating memories qy 2015-10-8 185357 Still 2017-10-20 00:15
Preview [Original] Who is the real money master? Attach_img ...2 Yuhua Tea 2016-1-7 102289 Hope to be able to run 2017-10-3 15:39
Preview The lottery in the stock market is really hard Attach_img ...2 Non-left-right May 13, 2016 123100 Aonjie 2017-9-25 03:15
Preview Which index fund is strong? Money old teach you the correct selection Attach_img Money old and wet 2015-12-23 73381 Viking sailor 2017-8-22 14:43
Preview Don't buy index funds! Money old wet teach you the correct selection position (2) Attach_img ...2 Money old and wet 2015-12-24 126717 Viking sailor 2017-8-22 14:40
Preview Talk about the fund conversion New posts Xie Yijun 2017-1-3 83741 Viking sailor 2017-8-22 14:37
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