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Loan tips (30)

Moderator:Only white bars

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Loan question and answer (166)

Loans in the loan section, paid loans, Alipay loans, charge cards and withdrawals are all fraudulent messages. Please don't believe it!

Moderator:Extremely speedy loan,Forum small series

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Landing story (46)

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Credit card question and answer (12)


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Card experience (72)

The god of cards on the credit card altar is full of credit cards for various credit cards, and is well aware of the relative merits of the relevant credit cards. Their posts are the vane indicators of card friends.

Moderator:Naughty little crocodile,Mr. Doki,Ice Ice 1996,Manito

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Take a coup (17)

The gentleman mentions the amount, and this section contains all the credit card posts related to the amount of withdrawals. The mother never has to worry about my quota!

Moderator:Mr. Doki,Manito

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Bank area (9)

Subsections:Bank of Communications,Everbright Bank,CITIC Bank,China Merchants Bank,Ping An Bank,Guangfa Bank,ABC,Industrial Bank


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Sesame extraction (twenty two)


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Friendship life (4)

Concerned about the life of friends, travel, food and other life fun sharing, all in this section.

Moderator:Fusion 360 financial gold

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薅 wool bar (4)

Buying and buying red packets is not as good as picking up wool, and the mobile Internet era will leave home to help you easily hold your home!

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Suggestions (5)

Rongrong's service center is your window for giving administrators feedback and suggestions.

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Financial exchange (14)
Subject:30000,Number of posts:150000
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Online loan investment (18)
Subject:20000,Number of posts:60000
final post: Yesterday at 11:56
Online loan warning (2)
Subject:10000,Number of posts:20000
final post: 3 days ago
Equity funds (5)
Topic: 4892,Number of posts:10000
final post: 3 days ago

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