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Shenka Raiders (twenty four)

Moderator:Naughty little crocodile,Manito

5226 / 8313

Card experience (78)

The card god on the credit card altar is very familiar with the credit cards of various credit cards, and their posts are the weather vane of the card friends.

Moderator:Naughty little crocodile,Mr. Doki,Ice Ice 1996,Manito

20000 /100,000

Raise the coup (39)

The gentleman has a good amount of money, this section contains all the credit card posts related to the amount of the increase, the mother no longer have to worry about my quota!

Moderator:Naughty little crocodile,Mr. Doki,Manito

10000 /70,000

Sesame (18)

Moderator:Naughty little crocodile,Manito

30000 /60000

Bank area (83)

Moderator:Naughty little crocodile,Manito

10000 /40000

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