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Huatai reveals the foreign exchange gold trap with real cases, reminding everyone to pay attention to the black platform Huatai Legal Aid The day before yesterday 20:16 532 Lhg2 Yesterday 09:25
Yao Yishu: Will the gold US market still fall? 10.9 Gold Night Operation Strategy and Solution Set Yao Shushu 20:10 the day before yesterday 3twenty three Gu Suyin Yesterday 09:25
Zhu Yueyuan 10.9 gold high-altitude layout has been profitable, the US gold operation recommendations Zhu Yueyuan The day before yesterday 20:03 325 Ou Xiba Yesterday 09:25
Tian Xinyuan: Gold fell sharply overnight, still in the range of shocks Mu Yu Yan Huan The day before yesterday 20:02 3twenty three Flying fish Yesterday 09:25
Ling Jiayan: Can gold reverse after 10.9 unilateral? The precise strategy layout in the evening has come out Lingjiayan The day before yesterday 19:37 3twenty four a single seedling Yesterday 09:25
Xiao Lina 10.9 currency continued to soar, the US dollar returned to the 96 mark, there is still space under the gold Xiao Lina 19:25 the day before yesterday 329 Asking questions Yesterday 09:25
10.9 The HSI received a review, and the A-shares were consolidating and consolidating. Hang Seng School The day before yesterday 19:24 338 Little sun Yesterday 09:25
Jinhui Global's foreign exchange loss scam exposure, how to recover the principal? Wenbo sees the market The day before yesterday 19:04 226 Running snail Yesterday 09:25
Liu Zhijie: The US refers to the impact of the 96 mark gold and a drop, 1192 into a single solution set most... Liu Zhijie 18:57 the day before yesterday 326 Lonely wind Yesterday 09:25
Lao Luo talks about gold: 10.9 gold bulls are struggling, crude oil continues to rise Lao Luo speaks gold 18:50 the day before yesterday 3twenty four Grandfather has money Yesterday 09:25
Seeping gold bear: 10.9 gold is not high, how can it be operated? Callback we are more Seeping gold bear 18:40 the day before yesterday 327 Queen of charm Yesterday 09:25
Storm Elite: What if the gold foreign exchange encounters a teacher’s malicious shouting and causes losses? Storm rights 18:39 the day before yesterday 328 One by one Yesterday 09:25
Le Shiqi: Analysis of the trend of the 10.9 gold market. How to choose between gold and how long? Le Shiqi 18:23 the day before yesterday 3twenty three Female silk Yesterday 09:24
How do the cattle stocks recommend the stock group to transfer the foreign exchange scam to the formal platform to save the loss? Attach_img Zywlkj0117 18:06 the day before yesterday 3twenty four Kindle Yesterday 09:24
Qin Yujin: The hurricane season crisis is coming again, the crude oil bulls renewed the second spring Qin Yujin 18:03 the day before yesterday 325 Foggy Yesterday 09:24
10.9 Will gold break new lows today? Gold operation advice and solution Lei Zheyu 17:43 the day before yesterday 326 Zhang Dandan Yesterday 09:24
Cheng Zixi: The Herd Effect of 10.9 Gold Investment Psychology Cheng Zixi 17:38 the day before yesterday 327 Noun collar Yesterday 09:24
Yiyang Legal Aid: The big trap between stocks and live broadcasts! In the billion high gold industry loss 30w successfully chased... Yi Yun 17:26 the day before yesterday 326 Own old year Yesterday 09:24
Likun solution: 10.9 crude oil rebound pressure continues to be empty, Shanghai crude oil futures evaluation strategy Chen Likun 17:24 the day before yesterday 336 Draw a period Yesterday 09:24
Jin Jiehao: 10.9 gold bulls are still trying to turn over, can the gold price be delayed in the evening... Analysis of gold 17:12 the day before yesterday 325 Noah's Ark Ticket Yesterday 09:24
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