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Preview Talk about Xiyu 9.6 small non-agricultural joint hand-in-hand attack, evening gold trend analysis and strategy Tan Xiyu 2018-9-6 094 Tan Xiyu 2018-9-6 20:02
Preview Zhou Yijin: How does gold work in 9.6 nights? Crude oil operation recommendations and analysis Zhou Yijin 2018-9-6 0100 Zhou Yijin 2018-9-6 19:34
Preview Talk about Xiyu 9.6 gold resistance is still broken, crude oil is weak to EIA guidelines Tan Xiyu 2018-9-6 0156 Tan Xiyu 2018-9-6 16:49
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Preview Just watching you quietly, help me build stock strategy system software. Allwdd 2018-9-6 0161 Allwdd 2018-9-6 13:43
Preview Bi Honghao: 9.6 US dollars weakened non-agricultural assists, gold bulls will usher in an oversold rebound! Bi Honghao 2018-9-6 0143 Bi Honghao 2018-9-6 11:54
Preview Cai Wenxuan: 9.6 bearish today, the current price of 1199.5 is directly empty Attach_img Cai Wenxuan 2018-9-6 0149 Cai Wenxuan 2018-9-6 10:55
Preview Talk about Xiyu 9.6 gold rebound is not broken, it is still empty, the market trend of gold oil analysis Tan Xiyu 2018-9-6 0151 Tan Xiyu 2018-9-6 00:25
Preview Talk about Xiyu 9.5 trade tensions filled, the US refers to strong gold pressure to return to the weak Tan Xiyu 2018-9-5 0166 Tan Xiyu 2018-9-5 16:21
Preview The next cusp, I want to say that it is a stock point to buy system development. Newcomer Attach_img Jc99999 2018-7-5 2548 Jc99999 2018-9-5 15:08
Preview Xu Wei: Formal domestic futures platform, gold pocket commodity options. X789456 2018-9-5 0157 X789456 2018-9-5 11:06