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Ping An Pratt & Whitney - Excellent Home Loan Requires real estate, mortgage loan repayment records within one year, arrived at the property... View
Yixin - Payroll Punch wages greater than 2,000 yuan, requiring continuous bank flow,... View
Ping An Pratt & Whitney - Life Insurance Loan Asked to purchase commercial insurance, required to specify the type of life insurance, require ... View
Yixin - Payroll Loan Asked for a vehicle under the name, and the wager for the punch card is more than 2,000 yuan. View
Yixin - Payroll Housing Credit Requires real estate, requirements for real estate mortgages, wagering for wages... View
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Mr. Ding

Office workers, working years 6 to 11 months, listed company members...


Mr. Xia

Office workers, working years 1 to 3 years, 38 years old


Mr. Wang

Self-employed, operating for 2 years, has been business executive...

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