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March 19, 2014



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Starting investment amount

 100 yuan

management fee


Cash withdrawal

1000 yuan, 2 yuan/pen, no more than 1,000 yuan

Platform background

                                                            VC/PE background                                                     - Parent company wins RMB 100 million in venture capital investment, broadband capital, Jingwei Venture Capital Investment

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Bank depository


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91 Wangcai ( is a subsidiary of Jiuyi Financial Information Services (Beijing) Co., Ltd., which is its direct Internet wealth management business and is committed to becoming the safest high-yield wealth management platform in China. Both the borrower and the borrower in the consumer provide safe, fair, transparent and efficient Internet direct financial services.


As an important business in the asset securitization market, 91 Wangcai will cooperate with 91 financial online financial products and services shopping platform 91 financial supermarkets, 91 value-added treasure for SME financing services, together constitute 91 financial services all financial The complete financial ecosystem of the consumer population.

91 At the end of Wangkang, the investor is connected to select qualified borrowers for the investor and complete the qualification review for the investor, risk control, post-lending pre-lending management, and fund clearing services. The other end connects the high-quality borrower, finds the powerful investor for the borrower, satisfies the borrower's demand, effectively reduces the borrower's financing cost. And in the process of borrowing, we continuously improve services to meet the needs of both parties. Therefore, 91 Wangcai is a pure information integration platform. Committed to providing China's financial consumers with the best internet financial services.

September First Financial Information Service (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is the first Internet financial company in Beijing that has been approved by regulatory agencies and qualified as a "financial information service."

91 Wangcai uses an online and offline risk management system, including an online credit and risk control model based on big data, as well as traditional offline due diligence and post-lending management.

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2016-04-14 13:46:30
Platform impression Platform Direct Mortgage security

The mortgage is good. There is provision for hosting companies, so it is good. Not bad for those two points, safety first.

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2015-08-21 14:56:36
Platform impression Platform Direct Lower interest rates Mortgage security

The rare direct operating platform, unlike most platforms, does not follow the path of institutional cooperation. It is compliant with the regulatory appeal of pure information mediation; the type of product is relatively single, and it is basically a corporate business loan with full real estate mortgage and information disclosure. Perfect, personally think that is not bad

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Cold snow

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2015-08-18 13:45:13
Platform impression Lower interest rates Mortgage security

Short-term standard returns are still ideal, long-term standard returns are generally, are basically real estate mortgages, from the security point of view is still good, the site's page color feels good single Kazakhstan, the official operating activities are also relatively small

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2018-05-31 08:33:01
Platform impression no

Emergency loans + WeChat hz1990h 2,000 to 50,000 credits can be handled, the information is true one hour punctually.


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2018-05-22 13:29:18
Platform impression no

Small wins increase interest rates 1.75<br />\nMore activities plus q group 1929~01915

Add WeChat T1288321

User ratings


2018-04-20 20:08:46
Platform impression no

Don't get angry. Don't get angry. In addition to the bank and me, black households and white households can pack specially invited guests, 3-6 hours speed next month<br />\n micro-lending, lending, small loans to open the amount and name , 2 years old studio, online and offline can be handled, strength reputation plus name


User ratings


2018-04-19 22:14:55
Platform impression no

Before silly directly registered in the official website, I did not expect so many benefits, in addition to interest can also get extra bonus cash back, please join the cash back Q group: 53440 ~ 8484, the group owners only push up the platform on the big, safe to spend Record period.

Professional Loan Wechat zj55710

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2018-04-11 16:52:44
Platform impression no

The loan is always rejected? Add WeChat, remote control, take advantage of cash, Jingdong white bars, credit card replacement, intensive care credit cards, take cash out of various consumer platforms, integrity-based, WeChat zj55710

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