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Registered capital

108 million

time online

September 02, 2009

Where the area is


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The amount of investment

 100 yuan

management fee


Take the fee

2 million the following 1 yuan / pen, 2 to 5 million 3 yuan / pen

Platform background

                                                            VC / PE background                                                     - the parent company wheat gold clothing to get more than 100 million yuan investment

Risk reserve


Bank custody

Huishang Bank

The way of protection

Risk reserve plan

Transfer of claims


Automatic bidding


Timing time

1 - 3 days

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Nuonuo Pole is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Maizi Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as wheat gold) 100% holding. Founded in 2009, is the establishment of the longest domestic Internet financial information service platform, is now by the Shanghai Nuonuo Pound Financial Information Services Limited operation.

Over the past six years, the company has been exporting to the financial and financial institutions of the country to export the "four-dimensional letter rating rating wind control system" and "super money clearing system". Nearly 300 million users.

April 2015, Nuonu Piaoke and Haitong Securities reached a strategic cooperative relationship, the parent company of wheat gold clothing to obtain strategic investment in Haitong innovation.

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Doggy fork

User rating


2016-09-30 10:51:42
Platform impression satisfaction Income is good Feel normal operation Old platform

Income is relatively high, the novice registered to send a lot of red envelopes, for the wool party can try, platform rating B +, or the letter of the platform for so long, will not run and run, trustworthy! User experience is also good, feel better than everyone's user experience is not a little bit better, perfect

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User rating


2016-09-15 21:16:58
Platform impression no

Noon Pound is my first investment network loan platform, I remember very clearly that in November 12, although in the fear of suffering a long time but the investment funds have been gradually increased. I can not help but say a few words, the growth of the nono pound is developed under my concern, I admit it has a lot of shortcomings, customer service garbage, capital is not flexible, creditor's rights Transfer trouble, to mention the fee. But it is a grass-roots platform to the present, the asset-side elite credit in the Internet consumer finance class top 20, the parent company wheat gold cost of 1.2 billion, in short, living is the last word. Net loan is not easy, and line and cherish

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1 **** 9

User rating


2016-06-28 17:08:13
Platform impression Old platform

Nuo Nuo wallet too difficult to grab the standard.
24 months due to operational strategy adjustment, in June 2016 began to change the first appointment mode? Do not know why this is for reasons.

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1 **** 2

User rating


2016-03-31 08:41:52
Platform impression Feel normal operation The background is good Old platform

Three months on a regular very good ~ 9.3 ~ play games ~ some extra vouchers vouchers privileged principal ~ count up close to 9.7 ~ I feel very good ~ times Shigekura ~

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1 **** 6

User rating


2016-03-30 07:48:17
Platform impression Experience the worst platform The background is good Old platform

I voted for their selection. Monthly repayment, but mention it to close a dollar. I'll pay $ 10,000 a month if I pay out every month I pay a dollar every month. You at least once a month free! A little bit of people.

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1 **** 0

User rating

Bad review

2016-03-17 14:42:29
Platform impression Service tolerance

Wonderful work, 10,000 to the fast money is actually limited to split into three times, plus customer service group, countless times to be rejected, refused the reason is not more than 20,000 investment. Online customer service is always offline state. No more vote is because the experience of the problem would like to consult clearly and then vote, the results confidently refused, and said what is not good words

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1 **** 5

User rating

Bad review

2016-03-12 07:14:27
Platform impression Experience the worst platform Service tolerance App not open

One, see the Nuonuo pound off the wealth of God's grandfather advertising, download the Nuonuo pound off, cast '' Fortune Grandpa Featured '', the results added 8 Fortune Grandpa QQ group, have been rejected, always let you add this group number , Always let you add that group number, and always said that your investment amount does not meet the conditions; Second, call the Nuonuo pound customer service 5 times, each customer service hospitality you, said to help you solve the group of things, Call back to deal with the results, you give its service evaluation, once did not solve, and never call back; Third, the sixth phone finally resolved and successfully into the group, only to tell you that you are investing in the Nuonuo Pokou God of Wealth Grandfather, not in the wealth of God grandfather platform investment, ask customer service, the two platforms of the God of Wealth is not the same as the wheat gold medal of the God of Wealth, the answer is, so specifically downloaded the wealth of grandfather app;

Agree with (52)

Mu Yi Yang

User rating


2016-02-24 15:29:59
Platform impression Feel normal operation Repayment on time Old platform

For some time, the middle level of income it; the main problem is less online customer service, such as consulting a long time; mobile app applier problems, such as landing can not show sometimes not normal, technician technology sucks; In short, Service to be further improved, but also to strengthen the technical support.

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