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Registered capital

108 million

time online

June 15, 2009



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Starting investment amount

 100 yuan

management fee


Cash withdrawal

The fee will be used as a third-party platform transfer fee. Explanation: (1) The single withdrawal amount is less than RMB 20,000, and the withdrawal fee is RMB 2 per pen. (2) The single withdrawal amount is 2≤5 million and the withdrawal cost is 3 yuan/pen. (3) Single cash withdrawal amount > 50,000 yuan, 3 yuan, after the system is split, the amount is ≤ 20,000

Platform background

                                                            VC/PE background                                                     - VC/PE Background - 2015 Controlling Shareholders Get Haitong Innovative Strategic Investment

Risk Reserve


Bank depository

Huishang Bank

Debt assignment


Automatic bidding


Withdrawal time

Small cash withdrawal (up to 50,000 in a single transaction): Real-time arrival. Cash withdrawal (single pen of more than 50,000): Arrival date 09:00-17:00 on working days. Cash withdrawals outside this time period may be delayed.

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Wheat gold wealth - Reassuring good income Investment in wheat

Founded in 2009, Fortune Gold is one of the earliest Internet financial information service platforms in China, and it was also one of the early industry “double soft certification companies” (2011) “high-tech enterprises” (2012). One of the platforms that honors "AAA Honest Enterprise". The company is the vice president of the Shanghai Financial Information Industry Association and a member of the Shanghai Internet Finance Industry Association. He was involved in the development of Shanghai Internet lending industry access standards.

The company is the official partner of the 3rd World Internet Conference and has won the titles of "Forbes China Top 50 Internet Finance" and "China's Best Credit Model Demonstration Enterprise".

It has been operating steadily for 8 years, with over 5.2 million service users and cumulative transaction volume exceeding RMB 63 billion.

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Cash withdrawal (269)
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Little Dog Yasha Fork

User ratings


2016-09-30 10:51:42
Platform impression satisfaction Good income Feeling normal Old platform

The income is relatively high, the novice registration sent a lot of red envelopes, for the Wool Party can try it, the platform rating B +, or believe in the past, the platform has been so long, do not say running away, trustworthy! The user experience is also pretty good, the user experience is not better than everyone else's loan is a little better, perfect

Approve (162)

Marquee 123

User ratings


2016-09-15 21:16:58
Platform impression no

The Noon Pound Off is my earliest investment online loan platform. I remember clearly that it was November 12th, although investment funds have been gradually increasing even though I spent a lot of time in fear. I can't help but say a few words when I saw a lot of spurts. The growth of the Noon Pound was developed under my concern. I admit it has many shortcomings, customer service, financial inflexibility, and claims. Transfer is troublesome and you need to pay the cash. However, it has developed from a grassroots platform to the present. Asset-end school loans rank among the top 20 in the Internet consumer finance category, and the parent company's wheat gold valuation is 1.2 billion. In short, living is the absolute truth. Online lending is not easy, and it cherishes and cherishes

Approve (twenty three)


User ratings


2016-06-28 17:08:13
Platform impression Old platform

Nono wallet too difficult to bid.
24 months due to changes in operating strategy, starting in June 2016 to be the first booking mode? I do not know what the reason is.

Approve (11)


User ratings


2016-03-31 08:41:52
Platform impression Feeling normal Nice background Old platform

The three-month regular period is very good ~ 9.3 ~ play games ~ get some interest rate coupons vouchers privileged principal amount ~ close to 9.7 ~ I think it's good ~ times Shigekura ~

Approve (15)


User ratings


2016-03-30 07:48:17
Platform impression Experience the worst platform Nice background Old platform

I voted for their selection plan. Monthly repayment, but withdrawals should receive a dollar. Then I will pay a monthly fee of 10,000 yuan. If I take it out every month, I will pay a dollar a month. You have to be free for at least once a month! A little bit of people.

Approve (25)


User ratings

Bad review

2016-03-17 14:42:29
Platform impression Service is poor

Wonderful, 10,000-quick cash withdrawals have been limited to split into three mentions, plus customer groups, numerous times were rejected, the reason for rejection is no more than 20,000 investment. Online customer service is always offline. There was no more investment because I had problems with the experience and I wanted to consult it clearly and then voted again. As a result, I refused and said something bad.

Approve (33)


User ratings

Bad review

2016-03-12 07:14:27
Platform impression Experience the worst platform Service is poor App can't open

First, I saw the advertising campaign of the grandfather of Nono Pound Offenders, downloaded the Noon Pound Offender, and voted on ''Selection of Grand Theme of Fortune''. The result was 8 times Fortune Grandpa's QQ group added. All of them were rejected. You are always asked to add this group number. You always add that group number, and at the same time you say that your investment amount does not meet the conditions. Second, call Nono Pound Customer Service 5 times. Each time, the customer service receives you politely, saying that it will help you solve the problem of adding groups, and some will say The callback tells the result of the processing. After giving your service an appraisal, it did not solve it at one time and never called back. Thirdly, the 6th call finally resolved and successfully entered the group. Only then did it tell you that you were a Fortune Investor in Noon Pound. Grandpa, did not invest in Grandpa Fortune platform, asked customer service, two platforms of Fortune Grandfather is not the same as the wheat gold suit grandfather God of Wealth, answered yes, so he specifically downloaded the God of Wealth app;

Approve (54)

Mu Yi Yang

User ratings


2016-02-24 15:29:59
Platform impression Feeling normal Repayment on time Old platform

Invested for a period of time, the intermediate level of income; the problem is mainly less online customer service, such as long consultation time; mobile phone old problems, such as landing can not, sometimes not normal, technicians technology is rotten; In short, fewer customer service staff, Services need to be further improved, and technical support must be further strengthened.

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