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Registered capital

60 million

time online

March 02, 2009



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Starting amount

 50 RMB

management fee

Creditor's rights transfer is charged 0.1%

Cash withdrawal fee

Small amount of 5 yuan / pen, 5 yuan for every 50,000 cash withdrawal fee

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Bank depository


Transfer of creditor's rights


Automatic bidding


Withdrawal time

Part t+0

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There is such a powerful net worth, what is it.

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Hongling Venture Capital ( is the Internet financial service platform of Hongling Venture Capital E-Commerce Co., Ltd., which was officially launched in March 2009.

As one of the earliest Internet financial service platforms established in China, Hongling Venture Capital not only provides a safe and stable investment channel for social idle funds, but also is committed to supporting the development of China's real economy and solving the problem of financing difficult financing for small and micro enterprises. And with its integrity, transparency, self-discipline, and innovation, it has won a good reputation among users.

Over the years, Hongling Ventures has adhered to the industry self-discipline and actively seeks supervision. In December 2013, Hongling Venture Capital and 75 institutions jointly became the sponsors of the “Internet Finance Professional Committee” led by the China Banking and Clearing Association led by the central bank. In April 2014, the company established the first Internet finance college in China; signed a comprehensive financial service strategic cooperation agreement with Ping An Bank to effectively protect the financial security of investors. In May, as one of the nine well-known P2P online lending platforms in China, he was invited to participate in the symposium held by the China Banking Regulatory Commission's Innovation Supervision Department in Beijing to discuss the regulatory content of the P2P industry. In June, the first branch of Hongling Venture Capital Chongqing Branch was formally established.

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User evaluation
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User impression
High visibility (31)
Repayment on time (26)
Integrity (20)
Comment77 people have been evaluated


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2016-08-12 17:06:33
Platform impression Integrity High management fee High withdrawal fee high popularity Repayment time

The most famous model of Hongling Venture Capital is the large-scale real estate model, which seems to be too risky. The higher the VIP level, the lower the management fee. The cash withdrawal fee is 5 yuan, which is really expensive. The interest rate cut is very high. Now, in addition to the 18% mark voted last year, no more capital has been added.

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User rating


2016-05-14 16:10:50
Platform impression no

Going to the redemption, it should not be at this point in time after the problem has occurred, the previous promise must be honored, and the latter investment can be declared to be just redeemed. However, Hongling should make it clear that you have collected the borrower's fees and how much the investors have received. Don't let the investors take out the real money and ask you to take risks for free. The information needs to be made public again. Going to the redemption itself is a systematic project, don't be too casual. We are also concerned about whether the government is now rectifying P2P. Yes, just against: Some companies are serious, and there is really nothing to do with the problem. However, does it feel that the environment is more relaxed for the liar company?

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Little fairy 00

User rating


2016-03-28 22:32:51
Platform impression Bad debt high popularity

After so many billions of bad debt exposure, the rating of Hongling Venture Capital should be lowered to C level!

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2018-07-05 22:52:45
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