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  • VC/PE background
  • Creditorable transfer
  • Automatic bidding
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Registered capital

50 million

time online

December 12, 2012



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Starting amount

 100 yuan

management fee


Cash withdrawal fee

Free withdrawals for a limited number of times, more than 3 yuan / pen or 450 points for the withdrawal fee

Platform background

                                                            VC/PE background                                                     - C round of financing

Risk reserve


Bank depository

Xiamen Bank

Transfer of creditor's rights


Automatic bidding


Withdrawal time



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  • PPmoney Wanhui Group is China's leading Pratt & Whitney Financial Technology Group. It adheres to the tenet of "people's wealth and benefit the people" and relies on advanced technology such as big data, artificial intelligence and mobile technology to provide traditional financial services and poor services. Volkswagen, providing online wealth management and inclusive financial services. PPmoney Wanhui Group includes well-known brands such as PPmoney online loans and loans, with a total of over 30 million service users.

  • PPmoney Online Loan: PPmoney Wanhui Group's online lending information intermediary service platform, operated by Wanhui Investment Management Co., Ltd. Since its launch in December 2012, it has been operating safely for more than 2,000 days, with a cumulative total of more than 100 billion, earning more than 2.1 billion investment income for lenders.
     And loan: relying on intelligent risk control technology, providing online intelligent financing information services for high-quality consumer groups and individual and small micro-business people.


  • Mission: People's wealth benefits the people.

  • Vision: Through the advanced technology of big data, artificial intelligence, mobile technology, etc., to provide online wealth management and inclusive financial services to the general public with inadequate financial services and poor services, and become a leader in the field of science and technology finance.

  • Values: Customer First Benefit First People-oriented Adults Self-sustaining Continuous Innovation Global Datong.

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User evaluation
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User impression
APP experience is good (56)
More activities (53)
Good returns (48)
Comment200 people have been evaluated


User rating


2016-11-15 18:00:24
Platform impression no

I voted through the rebate network and started to feel that this financial management is not very safe. Therefore, I don’t want to vote for it. The result is that the expiration is the fastest one I have voted for. The withdrawal seems to be free. Also fast, so continue to bid, I hope pp will continue to maintain

Endorsed (15)


User rating

Bad review

2016-11-03 20:23:59
Platform impression no

After investing 2 times, the recharge was very fast. I downloaded the APP, grabbed the mobile phone label and did not grab it, and then cashed it out. Because I did not invest in the custody fee of five thousandths, it felt like a bandit. And the flexible treasure book thinks that the cash withdrawal is flexible, the result is less than ten days, and the withdrawal fee is also charged five thousandths of the cash withdrawal fee.

Endorsed (3)


User rating


2016-11-02 16:43:17
Platform impression App customer experience in general

APP's customer experience is average. In particular, the review of the expired investment is not convenient. Compared with other countries, there is still a gap and I hope to improve. Secondly, the APP page opens very slowly and sometimes does not open.

Endorsed (1)


User rating


2016-07-28 16:12:24
Platform impression More activities Customer service More activities Good income APP experience is good

The platform security is relatively high, the payment is relatively timely, and the rolling investment is many times. The overall satisfaction is that the platform can be more stable and longer-term.

Endorsed (9)

Xiao Feng

User rating


2016-04-18 10:09:25
Platform impression Reflected well Famous More activities

After investing for more than a year, I feel pretty good. It is better that PP can allow investors to visit the site. It is quite convenient in Sports West, and the company information provided here should be updated. The registered capital of ppmoney is 150 million. Don't mislead investors...............................

Endorsed (6)


User rating

Bad review

2016-03-26 22:54:15
Platform impression no

I am withdrawing on March 16, 2016, the card number is correct, the bank name is wrong, so I did not withdraw the success, and after the communication with the customer service, it was revised on March 19th, but now (at 26 o'clock on March 26) Cash withdrawal or processing, I do not know why. I don't understand that there are two points: First, since the name of the bank card is wrong, why can it be used? Second, after the bank card was revised, it was a full 7 days. How to withdraw the cash is still in progress. We contacted WeChat customer service and said that we should contact the online customer service, but now the customer service is too bad to contact. Why……

Endorsed (7)


User rating


2016-02-16 10:07:22
Platform impression More activities Reflected well

The investment management fee is 10% of the investment income, and the VIP fee is 180 yuan/year. These two are how to collect, where can I display, can I not participate in the VIP?

Endorsed (1)


User rating

Bad review

2016-01-06 20:14:50
Platform impression no

con man! If you invest in the money you don't invest, you have to charge a fee of five thousandths! I filled the 33,000 newbie and didn't see the 100 written in the box. I reached out and clicked on it. As a result, the 32900 didn't have any share. This is even better. I am still angry and still not redeemable. The handling fee is more than 150 yuan!

Endorsed (6)
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