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Average income


Platform URL Http://m.ppmonepiny.com...
Registered capital 150 million
Time to market December 12, 2012
Region Guangdong|Guangzhou
Bank depository no
Risk Reserve                                             Have
Safeguard method VIP protection
Platform background                                                                         VC/PE background                                                             - The company Wanhui Jinke (stock code: 430705) wholly-owned subsidiary operations B round of financing



How long does the P2P financial network loan audit pass? Someone understands


Generally speaking, it is 3 working days. The data is complete. If the review is fast, the fastest can be paid on the same day.


What is the current income from online loan?


Hello, At present, the income of online loans is generally between 10% and 15%. Generally speaking, the income is relatively fixed, and the principal of the selected platform is good.


Why Wangwang Wealth Ratings Are Not Ranked in Online Loan Ratings


Rongrong 360 credit rating is only selected part of the online loan platform for rating, does not mean Wang wealth is normal. People's livelihood is an easy loan


User ratings:

User impression: APP experience is good (55) More activities (52) Good return (46)
  • 1****9

I started by investing in rebates. I began to feel that this financial management is not very secure, so I would not like to cast my vote this time. As a result, the withdrawal is the fastest one I have voted for. The withdrawal seems to be free and there are times. Also fast, so continue to bid, hope pp continues to keep

  • 2016-11-15
  • Approve14
  • 1****0

After investing 2 times and recharging quickly, the APP was downloaded and the mobile phone standard was not grabbed. Cash withdrawals were made immediately. Fees were no more than five-thousandths of the custody fee, and it felt like a bandit. In addition, the flexible book considered that the withdrawal was made flexibly. The result did not exceed 10 days, and the cash withdrawal fee was also charged at 5/1000.

  • 2016-11-03
  • Approve3
  • 1****3
Platform impression: App customer experience generally

The APP customer experience is general. In particular, the review of investments that have already expired is not very convenient. Compared with other homes, there is still a gap and we hope to improve. Second, APP pages are slow to open, and sometimes they cannot be opened.

  • 2016-11-02
  • Approve1
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