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Registered capital

150 million

time online

December 12, 2012

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Http: // ...

The amount of investment

 100 yuan

management fee


Take the fee

3 yuan / pen, 10 days did not invest to raise 0.5%

Platform background

                                                            VC / PE background                                                     - Company Wanhui Gold Branch (stock code: 430705) wholly owned subsidiary operation

Risk reserve


Bank custody

Bank of Xiamen

The way of protection

VIP principal and interest protection

Transfer of claims


Automatic bidding


Timing time

T + 1

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PPmoney Wan Hui is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wan Hui Jinke (stock code: 430705) wholly owned subsidiary of the Internet financial platform, the Chinese Internet financial industry focused on consumer finance leadership platform. PPmoney Wanhui to "people wealth Hui people" for the purpose, combined with years of asset management services and risk control experience, the use of advanced data technology, continue to provide users with richer, more convenient Internet financial products.

Since December 12, 2012 platform on the line, PPmoney Wan Hui received industry and government recognition and support. In 2014, approved by the Guangdong Provincial Government, PPmoney Wan Hui was invited as the Guangdong Internet Finance Association unit, the association is China's first provincial Internet financial industry association. In the second half of 2015, PPmoney Wan Hui has received the Internet Information Service Business License (ICP) issued by the Guangdong Provincial Communications Administration and the value-added telecom business license (EDI card) of online data processing and transaction processing business, Also received the Public Security Bureau issued by the third level of information security system to protect the record to prove that the industry's leading authority "three card" platform.

In March 2016, PPmoney Wan Hui through the central bank's China Payment and Clearing Association audit, the official access to the Internet financial risk information sharing system. In the same month, PPmoney Wan Hui was invited to join the China Internet Finance Association.

PPMoney Wanhui actively respond to the spirit of "promoting Pratt & Whitney Financial Development Plan", and promote innovation with science and technology. With "new finance and new technology", PPMoney will solve the "two dilemmas" in the current economic operation. Small and medium enterprises, financing difficulties) to highlight the problem, to promote consumer upgrades, help the real economic development.

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User rating
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1 **** 9

User rating


2016-11-15 18:00:24
Platform impression no

I was through the rebate net investment, and began to feel that this financial management is not very safe, so I would like to vote this time not cast, the results of the expiration of my vote is the fastest one, just like the number of free, So fast, so continue to bid, hope pp continue to maintain

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1 **** 0

User rating

Bad review

2016-11-03 20:23:59
Platform impression no

Investment 2 times, recharge fast, download the APP, grab the phone standard did not grab, then mention, because the investment is not charged to charge five thousandths, feeling like a banditry. And flexible treasure that flexible offer, the results did not exceed ten days, is also charged to mention the cost of five thousandths, pit father

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1 **** 3

User rating


2016-11-02 16:43:17
Platform impression App customer experience in general

APP customer experience in general. Especially the investment has been expired to view, not very convenient, and this point compared to other countries, or a gap, hoping to improve. Second, APP pages open very slowly, and sometimes not open.

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1 **** 1

User rating


2016-07-28 16:12:24
Platform impression Activities more welfare Customer service in general More activities Income is good APP experience good

Platform security is relatively high, back to the more timely, rolling investment many times the overall satisfaction hope that the platform can be more stable and more long-term

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Small maple

User rating


2016-04-18 10:09:25
Platform impression Reflect well Fame More activities

Cast for more than a year, I feel pretty good, it is better PP can let investors to field trips, in the sports West is also quite convenient, and here to provide business information to update, ppmoney registered capital is 150 million Do not mislead investors ...............................

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1 **** 6

User rating

Bad review

2016-03-26 22:54:15
Platform impression no

I was March 16, 2016 to mention the card number is right, the bank name is wrong, so did not mention the success, then communicate with the customer service after March 19 modified, but to the present (March 26 22 o'clock) Mention or deal with, I do not know why the reason. I do not understand there are two points: First, since the bank card name is wrong, why can the value. Second, the bank card is modified after a full 7 days, and now how to deal with, with the WeChat customer service contact, say what to contact with the online customer service, but now customer service is too bad to contact. Why……

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1 **** 6

User rating


2016-02-16 10:07:22
Platform impression More activities Reflect well

Investment management fee for investment income of 10%, VIP fee of 180 yuan / year. These two is how to charge, where can be displayed, do not participate in VIP can?

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1 **** 6

User rating

Bad review

2016-01-06 20:14:50
Platform impression no

con man! Put in the money do not invest to deduct a commission of five thousandths! I filled the 33,000 pitcher standard, did not see it in the box to write 100, reach out a bit, the results of 32900 no copies, which even forget, but also gas to redemption, redemption but also buckle me The fee of more than 150 yuan!

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