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Registered capital

150 million

time online

December 12, 2012



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Starting investment amount

 100 yuan

management fee


Cash withdrawal

3 yuan/pen, no investment withdrawal within 10 days plus 0.5%

Platform background

                                                            VC/PE background                                                     - The company Wanhui Jinke (stock code: 430705) wholly-owned subsidiary operations B round of financing

Risk Reserve


Bank depository

Xiamen Bank

Debt assignment


Automatic bidding


Withdrawal time


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PPmoney Wanhui is an internet financial platform operated by a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wanhui Jinke (stock code: 430705). It is the leading platform for consumer finance in China's internet finance industry. PPmoney Wanhui aims at “the people's wealth benefits the people”, combines years of asset management services and risk control experience, and uses advanced big data technology to continuously provide users with richer and more convenient Internet wealth management products.

Since the platform was launched on December 12, 2012, PPmoney Wanhui has gained recognition and support from the industry and government. In 2014, approved by the Guangdong Provincial Government, PPmoney Wanhui was invited to serve as the president of the Guangdong Internet Finance Association, the first provincial-level Internet finance industry association in China. In the second half of 2015, PPmoney Wanhui successively obtained the Internet Information Service Business Operation Permit (ICP Certificate) and the Value-added Telecommunications Business Operation Permit (EDI Card) issued by the Guangdong Communications Administration Bureau. It also obtained the third-level security level protection record certification issued by the Public Security Bureau and became the industry's leading authoritative "three certificates" platform.

In March 2016, PPmoney Wanhui passed the review of the China Bank’s Payment and Clearing Association under the Central Bank and formally accessed the Internet financial risk information sharing system. In the same month, PPmoney Wanhui was invited to join the China Internet Finance Association.

PPmoney Wanhui positively responded to the spirit of “promoting inclusive financial development planning” by the state, promoted innovation with science and technology, and used “new finance, new technologies” to solve the “two more difficulties” in the current economic operation (many private funds and investment difficulties; Many small and medium-sized enterprises, difficulties in financing) highlight problems, promote consumption upgrades, and help the development of the real economy.

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User ratings


2016-11-15 18:00:24
Platform impression no

I started by investing in rebates. I began to feel that this financial management is not very secure, so I would not like to cast my vote this time. As a result, the withdrawal is the fastest one I have voted for. It seems that there are several free accounts. Also fast, so continue to bid, hope pp continues to keep

Approve (14)


User ratings

Bad review

2016-11-03 20:23:59
Platform impression no

After investing 2 times and recharging quickly, the APP was downloaded and the handset was not grabbed. The cash withdrawal was made immediately. Since the investment fee was not charged at 50%, it felt like a bandit. In addition, the flexible book considered that the withdrawal was made flexibly. The result did not exceed 10 days, and the cash withdrawal fee was also charged at 5/1000.

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User ratings


2016-11-02 16:43:17
Platform impression App customer experience generally

The APP customer experience is general. In particular, the review of investments that have already expired is not convenient. Compared with other homes, there is still a gap and hopes to improve. Second, APP pages are slow to open, and sometimes they cannot be opened.

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User ratings


2016-07-28 16:12:24
Platform impression Activity is more than welfare Customer service More activities Good income APP experience is good

Platform security is relatively high, payment is relatively timely, rolling investment is generally satisfactory for many times, hope platform can be more stable and long-term

Approve (8)


User ratings


2016-04-18 10:09:25
Platform impression Good implementation Famous More activities

After more than a year's investment, I feel pretty good. It is better that PP can allow investors to visit the field. It is quite convenient for sports in the west, and the information provided here is updated. The registered capital of ppmoney is 150 million yuan. Don't mislead investors...............................

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User ratings

Bad review

2016-03-26 22:54:15
Platform impression no

I made the withdrawal on March 16th, 2016. The card number was correct. The bank name was incorrect. Therefore, the withdrawal was not successful. After the communication with the customer service, it was revised on March 19, but it is now (22:00 on March 26). In the process of withdrawal or processing, I do not know why. I do not understand two things: First, since the name of the bank card is wrong, why can I value it? Second, the bank card is a full 7 days after the amendment, withdrawals are still in the process, contact with WeChat customer service, said what to contact with online customer service, but now customer service is too bad contact. Why……

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User ratings


2016-02-16 10:07:22
Platform impression More activities Good implementation

The investment management fee is 10% of the investment income, and the VIP fee is 180 yuan/year. How are these two items to be charged, where can they be displayed, and not participating in VIPs?

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User ratings

Bad review

2016-01-06 20:14:50
Platform impression no

con man! The money you invest in does not have to deduct 50% of the fee! I filled the 33,000 mark and I didn't see it written in the box. I reached out for a bit and the result was 32900 without any copies. Even if it's okay, I won't let the redemption go, and the redemption will deduct me. The fee is more than 150 yuan!

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