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  • VC / PE background
  • Creditor's rights are transferable
  • Automatic bidding
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Registered capital

100 million

time online

October 13, 2010



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From the amount of money

 Scatter 50 yuan, u plan 1000 yuan

management fee

Obligation to charge 0.5%

Take cash

2 million the following 1 yuan, 2 to 5 million 3 million, 5 million to 1 million 5 yuan

Platform background

                                                            VC / PE background                                                     - A round of 130 million US dollars financing, credit capital investment

Risk reserve

Yes, Minsheng Bank custody

Bank depository

Minsheng Bank funds depository


Credit standard security, guarantee standard and field certification sample interest protection.

Creditor's rights transfer


Automatic bidding


Withdrawal of accounts time

Part t + 0

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Renren Company, founded in 2010, is an AAA-level personal financial information service platform assessed by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the Internet Society of China and other national authorities. It is one of the top 100 Chinese Internet companies with integrity, transparency, fairness, efficiency and innovation Reputation has won a good reputation.

Wealth Evolution (referred to as WE.COM) is the financial management brand under the Renren Company; WE.COM is an upgrade to the Treasury side of Renren Financial Network (, providing more diversified investment choices and Better integrated financial services

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  • Comprehensive data
  • Annual interest rate trend
  • Nearly 3 days the standard distribution
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2016-11-27 01:16:07
Platform impression no

I voted for six months, five days before the funding station, and now the second or third day interest rates. In the past, management was very chaotic and the interest rates changed day by day. Dazzling. Recently I feel pretty good, engage in some activities, so they began to jiacang

Agree (217)

1 **** 1

User rating


2016-10-25 20:08:04
Platform impression no

Platform evaluation looks good, but the actual experience is a big problem
1. investment confirmation is very slow, to postpone a few days, no reason to use funds first
2. Mandatory investment required to re-investment, does not meet investor requirements

Cash-out rate is still relatively fast

Agree (14)

Puppy Yakiniku

User rating


2016-10-10 10:19:46
Platform impression A mobile client Good wind control Cash on the day arrived Come fast

Reflect the speed quickly, accounting within five minutes, mentioning the actual amount of the limit and fees, a bit uncomfortable, not suitable for the Wool Party, which has some P2P-standard time, seemingly only the novice standard is a month, good security, people's livelihood Bank custody, there will be no cash pool, all loans will not raise investor money.

Agree (128)

1 **** 0

User rating

Bad review

2016-07-26 15:45:00
Platform impression no

Everyone loans, we do not vote, the proceeds are low, the principal and interest are not guaranteed! Written in the contract is very clear! 7.26 investment, to 7.31 day rate, stand a week, shameless, and I will not vote! And it is overlord terms, principal and interest due within three months to return, not a monthly interest.

Agree (198)

His brother is tall

User rating


2016-07-18 22:00:16
Platform impression very good Red envelopes to force

Money-losing heart is very tired stocks, or to find a reliable platform to invest it properly, everyone loan line, at least the principal can keep

Agree (43)

Rose home

User rating


2016-04-15 18:24:20
Platform impression I hope I apply for a card Website experience is good

In short, everyone in the loan investment and wealth management, really feel good, trustworthy, you can try to do investment and financing. This U plan it is the deadline for investment options, but also to the benefits of very convenient and quick to mention the existing speed, customer service is also in place, a lot of activities, which is what I can sum up the advantages of this platform

Agree (184)

1 **** 0

User rating


2016-03-17 09:09:04
Platform impression Website experience is good

Everyone's loan protection fund is very sought-after, fleeting will rob no, enough to show that the product is really good, I personally like this product, smooth, suitable for my office worker.

Agree (31)

Cheung brother invincible

User rating


2015-08-25 19:31:57
Platform impression Customer service is good Website experience is good

Because the U plan and salary plan basically did not write how to repay, which wrote the maturity of the automatic transfer of claims, but also do not quite understand. So sweep the two-dimensional code plus everyone's micro-credit, micro-channel is very friendly remind me to play customer service. After the customer service is voice prompts, classification quite fine, I was from the financial management-u program information options to enter. Very good customer attitude, u told me clearly the plan and salary plan in the end what is, returned to me to explain the details of the relevant withdrawal and repayment, this is a very good customer communication.

Agree (28)
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