Renren Loan




Average income


Platform URL Http://
Registered capital 100 million
Time to market October 13, 2010
Region Beijing
Bank depository no
Risk Reserve                                             Yes, Minsheng Bank depository
Safeguard method Credit guarantees, security labels, and field certifications
Platform background                                                                         VC/PE background                                                             - A round of 130 million U.S. dollar financing, Daxin Capital Investment


Another one! Pat Loans will be delisted for risk starting in 2018

In fact, on the eve of filing, some large-scale platforms have gradually eliminated risk reserves on the platform.



How much can the annualized interest rate for everyone be paid?


Hello! Everyone loan interest rate range of 7% -24%.


How is the credit line of a person loan user obtained?


Hello! The credit line of a person loaned by a person is obtained after the review of the materials provided by the person loan reviewer.


Who can invest in everyone?


Hello! 18 years of age, with full civil rights and civil capacity, can be done on the Renren website


User ratings:

User impression: Cash withdrawal is fast (972) Good site experience (729) Good customer service attitude (671)
  • Tanyg

I have voted for half a year. Before the fund was posted for 5 days, I am now counting interest on the second or third day. In the past, management was confusing and interest rates changed in three days. It's dazzling. I feel pretty good recently and I’ve got some activities, so I've started to add positions.

  • 2016-11-27
  • Approve257
  • 1****1

Platform evaluation looks good, but the actual experience is very problematic
1. The investment confirmation is very slow. It will be delayed for several days and the funds will be used without any reason.
2. Mandatory reinvestment at the time of investment does not meet the investor’s requirements

Withdrawal speed is still relatively fast

  • 2016-10-25
  • Approve14
  • Little Dog Yasha Fork
Platform impression: There is a mobile client Good wind control Cash on the day of withdrawal Cash out quickly

Expressing speed quickly, arrived within five minutes, withdrawals have even a limit and fees, a bit unhappy, not suitable for Wool Party, which is a long time P2P standard, looks like only a new standard for a month, the safety is good, people's livelihood With bank escrow, no cash pool will appear, and everyone will not raise funds for investors.

  • 2016-10-10
  • Approve128
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