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  • VC/PE background
  • Debt transferable
  • Automatic bidding
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Registered capital

100 million

time online

October 13, 2010



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Starting investment amount

 Bulk label 50 yuan, u plan 1000 yuan

management fee

Debt transfer charge 0.5%

Cash withdrawal

20,000 yuan, 1 yuan, 2 to 50,000 yuan, 50,000 yuan to 1 million yuan, 5 yuan

Platform background

                                                            VC/PE background                                                     - A round of 130 million U.S. dollar financing, Daxin Capital Investment

Risk Reserve

Yes, Minsheng Bank depository

Bank depository

Minsheng Bank depository

Debt assignment


Automatic bidding


Withdrawal time

Part t+0

relevant information

Pat Loans will be removed from risk reserve payments next year

In fact, on the eve of filing, some large-scale platforms have gradually eliminated risk reserves on the platform.

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Established in 2010, Renren Credit Corporation is a AAA-level personal financial information service platform certified by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the China Internet Association and other state-level authoritative organizations. It is one of the top 100 Internet companies in China with integrity, transparency, fairness, efficiency, and innovation. Reputation earned a good user reputation.

Wealth Evolution (referred to as WE.COM) is a wealth management brand under the Renren Credit Corporation; WE.COM is an upgrade to the wealth management end of and provides a wealth of investment options for wealth management users. Better integrated financial services;

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User impression
Cash withdrawal (962)
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User ratings


2016-11-27 01:16:07
Platform impression no

I have voted for half a year. Before the fund was posted for 5 days, I am now counting interest on the second or third day. In the past, management was confusing and interest rates changed in three days. It's dazzling. I feel pretty good recently and I’ve got some activities, so I'm starting to add more

Approve (248)


User ratings


2016-10-25 20:08:04
Platform impression no

Platform evaluation looks good, but the actual experience is very problematic
1. The investment confirmation is very slow. It will be delayed for several days and the funds will be used without any reason.
2. Mandatory reinvestment at the time of investment does not meet the investor’s requirements

Withdrawal speed is still relatively fast

Approve (14)

Little Dog Yasha Fork

User ratings


2016-10-10 10:19:46
Platform impression There is a mobile client Good wind control Cash on the day of withdrawal Cash out quickly

Expressing speed quickly, arrived within 5 minutes, withdrawals have even a limit and fees, a bit unhappy, not suitable for Wool Party, which is a long time P2P standard, looks like only a new standard for a month, a good degree of safety, people's livelihood With bank escrow, there will be no cash pool, and everyone will not raise funds for investors.

Approve (128)


User ratings

Bad review

2016-07-26 15:45:00
Platform impression no

Everyone loans, we do not vote, the income is very low, the principal and interest is not guaranteed! The inside of the contract is very clear! 7.26 If you invest, you will need to start earning on 7.31 days and stand for a week. It is too shameless. I will not vote again! Moreover, it is an overlord clause that returns principal and interest due by three months, not monthly interest.

Approve (202)

His brother is tall

User ratings


2016-07-18 22:00:16
Platform impression very good Red packet force

Stocks lose money very tired, or find a reliable platform to secure investment, everyone is okay, at least the principal can keep

Approve (43)

Rose House

User ratings


2016-04-15 18:24:20
Platform impression I hope I can apply for a card Good website experience

In short, when everyone is lending money and investing, they really feel good and trustworthy. They can try to do investment and financial management. This U-planning means that the deadline for investment is large, and the benefits are very convenient and quick. The current speed is also available. The customer service is also in place and there are many activities. This is what I can summarize at this platform.

Approve (184)


User ratings


2016-03-17 09:09:04
Platform impression Good website experience

Everyone's loan protection fund is very popular, and fleeting will not grab it, enough to show that the product is really good, I personally like this product, stable, suitable for my office workers.

Approve (33)

Xiangge invincible

User ratings


2015-08-25 19:31:57
Platform impression Good customer service Good website experience

Because the U plan and the salary plan did not basically describe how to write the repayment method, the automatic transfer of the creditor's rights written on the expiration date was not understood. So we swiped the QR code and added a micro-credit to WeChat. Wechat reminded me to call customer service. After entering the customer service, there is a voice prompt, and the classification is quite fine. I entered from the financial information program option. The client's attitude was very good. I clearly explained to me what the u plan and the salary plan were. I also explained the details of the relevant exit and repayment. This was a very good customer communication.

Approve (28)
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