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Cooperative organization: Huitianfu full amount of treasure, the scale of funds: 71.722 billion yuan

Seventh Annualization:3.42%

Ten thousand gains:0.87 yuan

Purchase amount:0 yuan

 WeChat management and common financial income comparison

Single day extraction limit: 250,000

Extraction cap description:                             Single limit of 50,000, cumulative 250,000 in a single day, up to 5 in a single day

Cash withdrawal rate: delay

Extraction speed description:                             Apply before 17:00 on the same day, arrive before 24 o'clock on the same day; apply after 17 o'clock on the same day, arrive the next day

Upper limit distribution of similar products

Cash withdrawal rate of similar products

Historical income review

  • 7th annualized income trend
  • 30-year annualized income trend
  • 90-year annualized income trend

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