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Livelihood treasure

 Livelihood treasure

Cooperation institutions: Minsheng plus cash cash Po, the scale of funds: 34.445 billion yuan

Seven days of the year:4.30%

Million gains:1.24 yuan

Purchase amount:0 yuan

 People's livelihood treasure and common financial income contrast

Single day extraction cap: 5 million

Extract cap Description:                             Single and single day cap are 5 million yuan, Minsheng Bank and fund companies set a real-time redemption total amount, and according to business needs to modify the limit and advance notice in the business wishful treasure

Withdrawal speed: real-time (conditional)

Extraction speed Description:                             1, bound Minsheng Bank debit card can be credited in real time; 2, binding non-Minsheng Bank debit card 50,000 yuan real-time arrival, 50,000 yuan more than half an hour to 1 working day credited to

The same product extraction cap distribution

The same product speed distribution

Historical earnings review

  • 7 annual income trend
  • 30 annual income trend
  • 90 annual income trend

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