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China Lifetime Communication

 China Lifetime Communication

Cooperative: Huaxia Cash Increases Currency A, Capital Scale: 41.161 billion yuan

Yearly on the 7th:4.27%

Millions of revenues:1.11 yuan

Purchase amount:0 yuan

 Comparison of China Lifetime and common financial income

One-day withdrawal cap: 20 million

Extract the cap description:                             The single limit is 50,000; a single day accumulates 200,000 yuan;

Withdrawal speed: real time

Extraction speed instructions:                             Real-time arrival

Similar product extraction ceiling distribution

Similar product withdrawal speed distribution

Historical earnings review

  • 7-day annualized earnings
  • 30-day annualized earnings trend
  • Annualized 90-day earnings

more products

Product title G Yesterday’s earnings 7-day annualized earnings Withdrawal speed  

                                        People's Livelihood

Minsheng Bank

1.15 yuan


Real-time (conditional)

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                                        BOC Lifetime Po

Bank of China Fund

1.10 yuan


Real-time (conditional)

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                                        E F-E Wallet

E Fund Fund

1.12 yuan


Real-time (conditional)

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                                        Cathay Pacific Super Wallet

Cathay Pacific Fund

0.59 yuan


Real-time (conditional)

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                                        Cathay Pacific Super Wallet

Cathay Pacific Fund

0.93 yuan


Real-time (conditional)

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