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Change money treasure

 Change money treasure

Cooperation Agency: Huidi Fu cash treasure, the scale of funds: 51.066 billion yuan

Seven years of age:4.23%

Million revenue:1.13 yuan

Amount purchased:1 Yuan

 Comparison of Minato and Common Financial Income

One day extraction limit: 140,000

Extract caption:                             A single ceiling of 49999 yuan, a single day accumulated 149997 yuan

Produced speed: real-time (conditional)

Extraction speed Description:                             2 hours to account (at night due to system clearing needs, 23:00 - the next day 02:00 payment will arrive after 02:00 the next day); into easy to pay real-time credited into account

Similar product extraction upper limit distribution

The speed distribution of similar products

Historical earnings review

  • 7 days of the trend of income
  • 30 days of the trend of income
  • 90 years of income trend

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