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Change treasure

 Change treasure

Cooperative organization: Guangfa Daily Red Currency, fund size: 8.382 billion yuan

Seventh Annualization:3.36%

Ten thousand gains:0.84 yuan

Purchase amount:1 Yuan

 Comparison of change and common financial income

Single day extraction limit: 140,000

Extraction cap description:                             Single limit of 49,999 yuan, a single day accumulated 149,997 yuan

Cash withdrawal rate: real time (conditional)

Extraction speed description:                             Arrival within 2 hours (at night due to system clearing, 23:00 - the next day 02:00 will be paid after 02:00 the next day); transfer to Yi Fubao real-time account

Upper limit distribution of similar products

Cash withdrawal rate of similar products

Historical income review

  • 7th annualized income trend
  • 30-year annualized income trend
  • 90-year annualized income trend

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