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Yu Bao

 Yu Bao

Cooperation agency: Tianhong Zenglibao, capital scale: RMB 16891.80 billion

Yearly on the 7th:3.78%

Millions of revenues:1.02 yuan

Purchase amount:1 Yuan

 Comparison of Yu'e Bao and common financial income

One-day extraction cap: 50,000

Extract the cap description:                             Transfer out to Alipay balance: Computer certificate users: single 50,000 yuan, 50,000 yuan a day, 200,000 yuan a month; non-certificate users: single 20,000 yuan, 20,000 yuan a day, 200,000 yuan a month; Wireless side: single 50,000 yuan, 50,000 yuan a day, 200,000 yuan a month; (Yuebao transferred to Alipay balance and balance treasure consumption sharing quota.) Yuebao transferred to the bank card: An account can be transferred up to 3 times a day to a bank card. The quotas are as follows: 1. Fast transfer to savings card: RMB 1 million in a single transaction/day; 2. Transfer out to an ordinary cash withdrawal card: RMB 150,000 per transaction on a single day; 3. Limit in real-time withdrawal: CITIC (counter contract: Up to 10,000 yuan/pen/day; Personal Internet banking subscription: up to 5,000 yuan/pen/day (document certificate), 10,000 yuan/pen/day (mobile certificate); Personal e-banking certificateless user initiated contract: up to 200 yuan/pen /Day), Everbright (up to 5,000 yuan/pen/day), Ping An (up to 5,000 yuan/pen/day), China Merchants Bank (up to 50,000 yuan/pen/day)

Withdrawal speed: real time (conditional)

Extraction speed instructions:                             The balance bank transfer to the bank card arrival time: Single 50,000 yuan (including 50,000), the second day before the 24th day of arrival, such as October 1st operation, please pay attention to the account on October 2; single more than 50,000 yuan, submit Arrival before 24:00 on the next working day; Real-time arrival: Only support CITIC, Everbright, Ping An, China Merchants Bank cartoon; 2 hours arrival: only support wireless, within 50,000 days (inclusive), and in the card service in time. Transfer to Alipay in real time.

Similar product extraction ceiling distribution

Similar product withdrawal speed distribution

Historical earnings review

  • 7-day annualized earnings
  • 30-day annualized earnings trend
  • Annualized 90-day earnings

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