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Yu Bao

 Yu Bao

Cooperative organization: Tianhong Zenglibao, fund size: 14540.20 billion yuan

Seventh Annualization:3.04%

Ten thousand gains:0.80 yuan

Purchase amount:1 Yuan

 Comparison of Yu'ebao and common financial income

Single day extraction limit: 5 million

Extraction cap description:                             Transfer to Alipay balance: Computer-side certificate users: a single pen of 50,000 yuan, 50,000 yuan a day, 200,000 yuan a month; non-certificate users: a single 20,000 yuan, 20,000 yuan a day, 200,000 yuan a month; Wireless: a single pen of 50,000 yuan, 50,000 yuan a day, 200,000 yuan a month; (Yuebao transferred to Alipay balance and balance treasure consumption sharing quota.) The balance treasure is transferred to the bank card: An account can be transferred to a bank card up to 3 times a day. The limit is as follows: 1. Transfer to the savings card is fast: 1 pen/day accumulates 1 million yuan; 2. Transfer to ordinary cash withdrawal card: 150,000 yuan per day; 3. Real-time withdrawal amount: CITIC (counter signing: Up to 10,000 yuan / pen / day; personal online banking signing: up to 5,000 yuan / pen / day (document certificate), 10,000 yuan / pen / day (mobile certificate); personal online banking without certificate users initiated signing: up to 200 yuan / pen / day), Everbright (up to 5,000 yuan / pen / day), peace (up to 5,000 yuan / pen / day), China Merchants Bank (up to 50,000 yuan / pen / day)

Cash withdrawal rate: real time (conditional)

Extraction speed description:                             The balance treasure is transferred to the bank card arrival time: Single pen less than 50,000 yuan (including 50,000), the second natural day before 24 o'clock to arrive, such as October 1 operation, please pay attention to the account on October 2; single pen is higher than 50,000 yuan, submitted After one working day, it will arrive before 24 o'clock; real-time arrival: only support CITIC, Everbright, Ping An, China Merchants Bank Cartoon; 2 hours arrival: only support wireless, daily accumulated less than 50,000 (inclusive), and service on the card in time. Transfer to Alipay in real time.

Upper limit distribution of similar products

Cash withdrawal rate of similar products

Historical income review

  • 7th annualized income trend
  • 30-year annualized income trend
  • 90-year annualized income trend

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