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Cooperation Agency: Tianhong Changli Bao, the scale of funds: 14318.10 billion yuan

Seven years of age:3.91%

Million revenue:1.05 yuan

Amount purchased:1 Yuan

 Balance and common financial income comparison

One day extraction limit: 5 million

Extract caption:                             Transferred to Alipay balance: Non-certificate users: a single 20,000 yuan, 20,000 yuan a day, a single month 200,000 yuan; single-day 50,000 yuan; Wireless: a single 50,000 yuan, 50,000 yuan a day, a single month 200,000 yuan; (balance of Po out to Alipay balances and balances of consumption sharing amount.) Balance Po turned out to bank card: An account can be operated up to 3 times a day to a bank card. 2, transferred to the ordinary cash card: single one day 150,000 yuan; 3, real-time cash to the amount: CITIC (counter signed: 1, the amount of money, Up to 5,000 yuan / pen / day (document certificate), 1 million / pen / day (mobile certificate); personal online banking without a certificate User initiated contract: up to 200 yuan / pen (Up to 5,000 yuan / pen / day), peace (up to 5,000 yuan / pen / day), China Merchants Bank (up to 50,000 yuan / pen / day)

Speed: real-time (conditional)

Extraction speed Description:                             Balance Po turned out to bank card arrival time: (Including 50,000), the second natural day before 24 o'clock, such as October 1 operation, please pay attention to the account on October 2; single more than 50,000 yuan, submitted After a day 24 hours before the arrival of the account; real-time credited into account: only support CITIC, Everbright, peace, Merchants Bank cartoon; 2 hours credited into account: only support wireless, the cumulative total of 50,000 or less, and in the card service Time. Transferred to pay treasure real-time credited into account.

Similar product extraction upper limit distribution

The speed distribution of similar products

Historical earnings review

  • 7-year earnings trend
  • 30 days of the trend of income
  • 90 years of income trend

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