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Gathering FSCA17708A

Annualized income:6.5%

Investment cycle:183day

Starting amount:100000yuan

Issuing bank: China Minsheng Bank Co., Ltd. Subscription currency: Renminbi
Incremental unit: 10,000 Yuan Issue date: 2018-01-26
From the beginning of the income: 2018-02-01 expiry date: 2018-08-03
Ways of obtaining income: Guaranteed income Object: Money market, other
Distribution area: National product type: Renminbi wealth management
Rate of return description: Expected rate of return for the period 1.50%-6.50%
Investment range: The funds collected by the sales of this wealth management product are used as the nominal principal, and the financial cost of the nominal principal is linked to the counterparty's investment income and the Shanghai Gold Exchange's Au9999 gold spot (Wan code: AU9999.SGE). transaction. According to the market conditions, the bank shall adjust the above investment scope, investment type or investment ratio, and shall make adjustments in advance on the bank website or business outlets; if the customer does not accept, it may apply for early redemption of wealth management products.
Early termination conditions: (2) Early termination of wealth management products In the event of the circumstances described in paragraph (16) of Article 1 of this product manual, if the bank terminates its wealth management products, it shall be publicized at least one working day before the early termination date, and shall be liquidated and distributed according to the following rules: 1. The bank will realise the investment assets of the wealth management products within 2 working days after the early termination date, and the investment assets of the wealth management products will not be in the aforementioned period in case of major fluctuations in the market or other reasons not due to the bank. Within the realization of the bank, the bank can extend the monetization and income distribution period, but should make an announcement. 2. The bank distributes the balance after liquidation based on the proportion of the share of the wealth management products held by the customer on the early termination date of the product. 3. The bank will announce the progress of the liquidation work in a timely manner during the period from the early termination date (including the date) to the distribution date (including the day) of the wealth management products, without paying deposit interest and wealth management income.
Raising planning conditions: The planned sales scale of wealth management products: 200 million; the lower limit of the establishment of wealth management products: 10 million
Purchase conditions: Customers cannot terminate/redraw in advance.

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