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Tricky Rui selected AMZYBYRX2018021

Annualized income:10%

Investment cycle:36day

Starting amount:100000yuan

Issuing bank: Bank of China Limited Subscription currency: Renminbi
Incremental unit: 1000 RMB Issue date: 2018-01-10
From the beginning of the income: 2018-01-17 expiry date: 2018-02-22
Ways of obtaining income: Not guaranteed Object: Money market, other
Distribution area: National product type: Renminbi wealth management
Rate of return description: If the ending price of the linked indicator is less than or equal to the observation level 1 2.00% For example, the ending price of the linked indicator is greater than the observed level of 1, and lower than the observed level of 22.00% + (end price, initial price – 95.0%) × 40% If the end price of the linked indicator is greater than or equal to the observation level 2 10.00%
Investment range: Shanghai copper futures contract cu1803 price The financial plan is directly invested in, or indirectly invested in, the following investment targets through various asset management products that comply with regulatory requirements: (1) Deposit and money market instruments, including but not limited to: bank deposits (including deposits with banks, large transferable time deposit certificates), bond repurchases, capital loans, currency-type securities investment funds; national debt, central bank bills, various types of finance Debt; various types of debt financing instruments approved by the Interbank Dealers Association, including but not limited to: short-term financing bills, ultra-short-term financing bills, medium-term notes, long-term rights-bearing tickets, non-public targeted debt financing instruments, SMEs Collective notes, etc.; corporate bonds, corporate bonds (including insurance companies and securities companies subordinated debts, securities company bonds), SME private debts, project income bonds, convertible bonds, convertible bonds in convertible bonds Partial, exchangeable bonds, preferred stocks, commercial bank preferred stocks and secondary capital instruments, income certificates, asset securitization products; monetary funds, bond-type securities investment funds, various types of collective asset management plans issued by securities companies, brokerage orientation Asset management plan, fund-specific customer asset management product, insurance asset management plan (where targeted or specific asset management) The scope of investment shall not exceed the scope of investment objects of this product); non-standardized assets, including but not limited to: credit assets, trust loans, entrusted claims, acceptance bills, letters of credit, accounts receivable, laws and regulations permit investment (received) Benefit rights, equity financing with repurchase terms, and other debt-based assets that do not violate regulatory requirements under the legal compliance transaction model. The above-mentioned assets change due to regulatory policy changes and financial innovations, with the latest applicable regulation. The regulations shall prevail; other financial instruments that do not violate the laws, regulations, and regulatory requirements, etc. (2) Foreign exchange spot and derivative investment products, including but not limited to: stock derivatives such as stock options, stock index options and stock index futures; foreign exchange derivatives such as forwards, swaps, options (including indices) and futures; Interest rate derivatives such as swaps, treasury bonds futures, bond forwards, forward rate agreements; precious metals derivatives such as spot, forward, swap, options (including indices) for precious metals; commodity spot, forward, swap, futures , commodity derivatives such as options (including indices); credit derivatives such as total income swaps and credit default swaps The specific investment ratio is as follows: (1) The proportion of investment in standard financial assets such as money market instruments and bonds is generally 0-90% of the wealth management funds, which can be adjusted within ±10% according to the conditions of the investable targets. (2) The proportion of assets invested in non-standardized assets is generally 0-70% of the wealth management funds, which can be adjusted within ±30% according to the conditions of the investable targets. The project name, remaining period, transaction structure and other information of non-standardized assets will be announced on within 3 working days after the product investment transaction date. (3) The proportion of investment in derivatives is generally 0-10% of the wealth management funds, which can be adjusted within ±10% according to the situation.
Early termination conditions: Bank of China reserves the right to terminate this financial plan in advance in accordance with the actual conditions of this financial plan.
Raising planning conditions: Financial plan to raise the scale of the upper limit of RMB [5.0] billion
Purchase conditions: Prior to the maturity date of this financial plan, the investor does not have the right to apply for redemption of the product on its own initiative. The investor has no right to voluntarily decide to terminate the financial plan in advance.

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