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Delibao·private silver Huixiang 2463180003

Annualized income:10.5%

Investment cycle:182day

Starting amount:300000yuan

Issuing bank: Bank of Communications Corporation Subscription currency: Renminbi
Incremental unit: 10,000 Yuan Issue date: 2018-01-08
From the beginning of the income: 2018-01-15 expiry date: 2018-07-16
Ways of obtaining income: Not guaranteed Object: Money market, other
Distribution area: National product type: Renminbi wealth management
Rate of return description: Expected rate of return 2.50% to 10.50%
Investment range: (1) Investment scope 1. Fixed income categories: national debt, financial bonds, central bank bills, high-grade credit bonds, bond funds, asset-backed securities and other fixed-income assets; 2. Money market categories: interbank deposits, interbank borrowings, bond repurchases, money funds and other money market assets; 3. Equity: structured securities investment trust plan priority shares, stock-type securities investment funds, new shares, detachable bonds, convertible bonds, private placements and other equity assets; 4. Trust plans and other assets or portfolios that meet the requirements of the regulatory body; 5. Financial derivatives. (II) Investment ratio The investment ratio of fixed income and money market assets is 10%-100%. The proportion of equity assets, trust plans and other assets or portfolios and financial derivatives investment does not exceed 90%.
Early termination conditions: Except as otherwise stipulated in this product manual, the customer shall not terminate the product in advance during the product investment period, and the bank has the right to terminate the product in advance and unilaterally.
Raising planning conditions: The maximum size of a single-phase product is 0.5 billion yuan. If the single-stage fundraising scale is less than 1 million yuan, the bank has the right to declare that the current product is not established. During the period of single-phase product collection, if the actual amount of raised funds reaches the upper limit of the single-stage product scale, the bank has the right to terminate the sales in advance. The bank will adjust the size limit of the single-period product according to market conditions.
Purchase conditions: unknown

Bank of Communications product chart

Estimated annualized income merchandise quantity

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