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To collect and beat the borrower? Borrowing 20,000 and still 40,000? It is the key to respond to the violent collection of these items!

Time: 2019-01-04         Source: Borrow Money App         Author: By a small two

Recently, the collection staff of a lending platform sent a video in his WeChat circle of friends: on a cold winter night, a man was taken outdoors by a few people, he was taken off warm clothing, wearing thin underwear, not only that. Moreover, the collectors used the belt to continually beat the man~

When the video came out, netizens rushed to say that the debt is to pay back the money, but is it too much to collect such a violent collection? !

what is the problem? ?

Unreasonable agreement: borrow 20,000 and 40,000!

At the end of last year, Mr. Liu was in urgent need of capital turnover in business. He accidentally saw an advertisement of an investment company on the Internet. It stated that local people can borrow money with their ID cards and real estate licenses, which is in line with Mr. Liu’s needs, so he took the initiative to follow The company contacted, the other party sent a staff member to the door, recognized the address and directly released the money, and did not review anything, signed the agreement.

It is reported that Mr. Liu and the company signed a loan agreement afterwards, borrowing 20,000 yuan, borrowing for 20 days, every 10 days for a cycle, 10,000 yuan for 10 days of interest is 1,000 yuan, but borrowing 10,000 yuan, I can only get 7,000 yuan for the hand, and the platform fee is 1,000 yuan. I will pay some interest in advance and borrow 20,000 tickets for 40,000 yuan.

In the blink of an eye, the day of the agreed repayment, Mr. Liu took the money but could not find the staff of the investment company. The phone could not be opened. He deliberately let Mr. Liu breach the contract. If he defaulted, he would repay 40,000.

On the second day of the breach of contract, the investment company sent people to collect debts, and the nightmare of Mr. Liu’s family began!

Violent collection is distressing

Mr. Liu said that they have been in trouble for a few months. Sometimes we are not at home. They spray paint on the door and say something that is hard to hear. It makes us really faceless!

Once the group enters the door, they will eat and drink at Mr. Liu’s house and confuse the items at home. Not only that, but the group also heard about the family address and work unit of Mr. Liu’s children, and went to harassment from time to time.

In the past six months, Mr. Liu and his family are in fear. I don't know when this group will appear, and I don't know how they will do anything.

Lee rolled up to 10W!

Mr. Liu felt that he borrowed 1W4 and 2W, and gave the corresponding interest. It was 4W overdue one day. It was very unreasonable and he was not willing to pay it. As a result, the collector did not receive the money for the first time, and interest continued to rise. Yuan, 20,000 blocks rolled to 100,000, and the breach of contract is high!

Illegal acts will eventually be sanctioned

These debt-collections have violated the law. It is illegal to use private means to collect debts by violent means. It is a crime to spray paint and block your eyes. There are also suspected crimes of seeking trouble, directly detaining the borrower and belonging to detention. In the end, these violent collections of Mr. Liu’s staff were detained for breaking the law!

What should I do if I encounter a violent collection?

1. Enhance your own legal knowledge about online lending;

2, online loan collection has been included in the scope of supervision, once encountered violent collection, please immediately go to the "China Internet Financial Reporting Information Platform" to make a complaint!

3, encounter the criminal intimidation of the lawless elements, late night shooting and other violent collection, to call the police as soon as possible.

4. It is necessary to pay attention to retain key evidence such as chat records and transfer records between the two parties, and actively respond to the case, avoiding the judges' inability to accurately define the actual amount of borrowing, and thus affecting the effective protection of their legitimate rights and interests.

Xiao Bian reminded that if you accidentally encounter a violent collection, you must take legal weapons to protect yourself!

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