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Online loans are overdue, and should not be collected!

Time: 2019-01-04         Source: Quick Info - Xiaojie's darling         Author: Quick News - Jill darling

Telephone collection is one of the most hated ways for all overdue users. Some of them continue to call and collect, and there are threats of swearing and swearing, and even insults. The topic I want to talk about today is that after the loan is overdue, it should not be collected. Many people have given the answer to this question:

The person who supports the collection says so.

Netizen A: I don’t know how to owe money. I just think that this group of owed money is the uncle. If you don’t give him a good taste, you don’t know how old it is!

Netizen B: Paying back debts and paying back the money, if you don't pay back, you are a charity agency!

Netizen C: The most important thing for a person is credit. If you are willing to sign a contract, you should pay back the money. If you read Shakespeare's anthology, you know that the borrower has to pay back the meat!

Netizen D: Of course, if you don’t pay back the money, you will have to collect it! It should be no problem with the point method!

Netizen E: From another angle, if you borrow money to get it back, you may not be able to collect it.

Netizen F: If you can't afford it, don't borrow it. If you borrow it, you still have to be tired.

The person who opposes the collection says so.

Old Iron A: The company's wages are unstable, and it started to be reminded a few days later. This is a fateful, crazy! Also pretending to be a lawyer to send me a letter of lawyer;

Laotie B: Laozi originally planned to pay back the money. The relatives and friends borrowed the points and they were still on the list. As a result, the address book broke the address book, and the relatives and friends could beat me. I am so fucking and borrowing money from others. The leader also opened me. apart from. So don't ask for money, but kill you even though you take it!

Old Iron C: Yes, I just don’t pay back. When you hit my address book friend to invade my privacy, I don’t want to think about it. The borrower’s person kneels down and gives me a mistake. I might consider throwing money on their faces!

Old iron D: I am still enough according to the interest stipulated by the law. I can't return this piece, don't give the face of loan sharks!

Old Iron E: Anyway, no credit, no matter who is afraid, it is not.

For this one, the old Lai query report wants to say that none of you have any problems, then where is the problem? An illegal lending company that sells usury is behind the scenes.

In this incident, the collection and borrowers have no problems. The reason why the online loan company asks for collection is to transfer the anger of the borrower to the collection, so that the borrower and the collection will intensify the contradiction between the two!

For online lending companies, they can receive repayments from a part of the borrowers. For the uncollected loans, they will be collected. Although the surface collection company is slightly higher, the risk is higher. The benefit of the fisherman!

In other words, collections and borrowers are victims.

For businesses that are not legally non-compliant, the annual interest rate exceeds 36% per annum, and the borrower can only repay the loans within the scope of the law, and the excess may not be repaid. For collections, you can return interest on the principal and legal limits, and don't work hard with the borrower. All should protect their own lives!

For non-compliance and illegal loan sharks, borrowers and collections should pick up legal weapons and report to relevant platforms to ensure their respective interests! After all, it’s all ordinary people. It’s not easy to live. Don’t be used by criminals!

As a result, many overdue users are still missing after the deadline. However, this method does not solve the problem. Even if you do not answer the phone, the home address and the contact phone number can still find the applicant. Then, the Lao Lai query report tells everyone what is the correct way to deal with it.

01 Actively contact the platform to explain the reason. As long as the platform can recover the principal and interest, it will not be unreasonable. Of course, this method is not an excuse for not paying back the money. If you want to say something, you have a letter. When the funds are tight, it is not shameful to be overdue for the time being. If you simply avoid it, it is a shame.

02 The phone must be connected to explain the white reason. Express your willingness to repay, you can repay part of it in advance. It is best to return the arrears on the agreed repayment date. Under normal circumstances, the collection staff is willing to provide you with some accommodation, at least temporarily to avoid being smashed. If you don't answer the phone, it will only give the platform and collection an illusion, let them feel that you don't want to pay back, then it will appear, SMS, phone harassment, explosion address book, etc.

03 Try to make money and return the overdue debts early.

What you want to collect is:

1. Recover all arrears including interest, fines, overdue fees, etc.

2. Retracted within the limited date

3. Recover the principal

4. Recover the principal before the negotiated repayment date

What the debtor wants is:

1. Extended repayment time / remaining arrears allowed to be repaid in installments

2. Exceeding the law, interest is not refunded

3. Only the principal

4. One point does not return

Of course, if you encounter a violent collection, I hope that everyone must learn to use legal weapons to protect themselves, and to express their attitude towards verbal abuse and insults. At the same time, if you do not have good self-control ability, the loan far exceeds your own repayment ability. In the face of the collection of many platforms, it will inevitably be impatient, and open source and throttling is the fundamental solution to the problem.

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