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Is it true or false to remind us of the "information letter"?

Time: 2019-01-04         Source: Quick Info - Love Laughs         Author: Quick News - Laughter Cang

Borrowing 714 online loans are overdue, the collectors often make up various documents, official letters to scare the borrowers, many are afraid, choose the repayment of the shackles. So, are these files sent and received really or fake? A reader received a "information letter" that was sent and received. You may wish to check it out with Xiaobian to distinguish between authenticity and falsehood.

This is a picture sent by the collector to him via SMS. The netizen said that since the 714 online loan was borrowed, the phone number was repeated every day after the overdue period. All of them were dunning. Today, I sent the picture to the person in the address book. What kind of picture is this?

As the picture can be seen, this is a document printed on a4 paper, titled “Information Letter”, the content of which shows: 1. In the “loan fraud” behavior of the borrower, a notice will be issued to the near future. The local police station is located at the locality, and the lawyer is entrusted to report the case to the public security organ. 2. Indict the court and apply for the freezing of all property under the name. 3. Please reply as soon as you receive it. 4. Appoint a commissioner to collect the goods.

This picture is fake at first glance, why do you say that? It is only necessary to understand that it can be judged. Online loans belong to private lending, but civil disputes do not involve criminal responsibility. The other party keeps saying that it is necessary to file a case, but it is just to scare the borrower. Many people don't understand the law at first glance, and they can't help but be scared out of a cold sweat. In order to seek peace of mind, you can repay.

How should I respond?

Xiao Bian believes that if such forged documents are received, there is no need to worry about it. If it involves the forgery of public security organs, the evidence can be collected and handed over to the relevant departments, so that the other party can be severely punished by law.

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