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Why is 714 online loans so rampant? What should I do if I have encountered it?

Time: 2019-01-04         Source: Yiteng House         Author: Yi-teng House Laomo

What is 714 online loan? 714 online loan refers to the loan period is generally only 7 days - 14 days. However, the interest rate is high and scary. The weekly interest rate is 30% or higher. Most of the loans are 1000 to 700, and after 7 days, they are still 1000. According to the survey, there will be 5-6 people in the 10 online loan users. 714 online loans, which also shows that many people have encountered violent collection, knowing that interest is not legal, but afraid to collect contact with friends to lose face, contact units to lose work, contact parents fear that their parents are sad, have to bear high interest.

Why is 714 so flooded?

Xiaobian thought that the investigation would cost a lot of effort, and the results made Xiaobian stunned. The major loan supermarkets, 714 online loans can be seen everywhere, more well-known what XXX, what to X borrow, can be said that as long as the loan supermarket, almost They are all inseparable from the 714 figure. There are also various platform advertisements that can be seen everywhere, various promotion calls, various SMS links, and various rebate platforms.

The information provided by a netizen shows that as long as the application is made through the link, the rebate is 100-300. Whatever the case, if there is a resignation as soon as the application is made, he has no interest to earn, and he still has to return the commission. Personal speculation should be to buy and sell user information, many people should have this experience, apply for a loan on a platform, and then will receive more promotional calls or text messages from the platform. The rebate platform has attracted a large number of online loan practitioners, and the loan calls or text messages received are likely to be from them.

Through the above investigation, Xiaobian got two words---profit

Marx once said: "Once there is profitable income, capital will be bold. If there is a 10% profit, he will be guaranteed to be used everywhere; if he has 20% profit, he will be active; For 50% of the profits, he will take risks; for 100% of profits, he will dare to trample on all human laws; with 300% of profits, he will dare to commit any crimes, even risking hangs ."

And the profit of 714 is more than 300%? The annual interest rate has reached more than 1000%. What else does he dare to do?

I believe that no one is willing to be tortured by 714, but we do not know how to resist. Today, Xiaobian will make a move for everyone.

First of all, everyone must understand that 714 online lending itself is not legal and is not recognized by law. Many companies do not have financial licenses. Even a small number of companies with financial licenses will not be recognized by law because of the high interest rates.

Secondly, find family members to confess, get support from family members, run the road, run away from home, and know what to do? It is the most stupid thing, it will only make family members more worried, and even even greater tragedies. Didn't the media have reported it before, the 19-year-old daughter left home because of huge cash loans, and the mother committed suicide with tears.

Finally, adjust the mentality, actively face, the money has been borrowed, the flowers will be spent, the use will be used, the prodigal son will not change the gold. Work hard to make money and honor your parents.

Here are three ways to cope:

1. Passive defense, negotiate with the platform and return only 24% of the annual interest rate. If you disagree, let them go to court to sue you.

2. It is inevitable to defend against counterattacks, and it is inevitable to collect money without confiscation.

3. Take the initiative to attack and retain the evidence directly to the banking regulatory bureau for voting. This will prevent more people from being victimized.

Xiaobian background received a user feedback treatment method, to give everyone a mock, background introduction: the borrower's legal awareness is weak, do not know to borrow the usury, accumulated borrowing more than 20 times on the same platform, the interest given More than the principal, after consulting a lawyer, I learned that I was in the process of usury. The purpose of the company is to recover more than 36% of the shares. I still have to calculate the repayment according to the 24% annual interest rate. The lawyer's suggestion is to complain to the banking regulatory bureau. If the treatment is unsuccessful or if there is a violent collection in the middle of the process, the court will sue.


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