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Beware of these 3 kinds of online loans, each of which will make you lose a lot!

Time: 2019-01-04         Source: Good Fortune         Author: Good fiscal

In this world, although there are still many good people, the bad guys encountered are impressive and the losses are heavy. Nowadays, the online lending platform on the market is mixed. For those who are eager to use money, they must polish their eyes. Otherwise, they will not be able to borrow money, and they may not be able to return to the blood! The following small sisters introduce three kinds of online loan scams to everyone.

1, first collect money, then lend

Liars often use the psychology of the victim's urgent need to use money, attracting you with tempting words such as “unsecured, unsecured, lending on the day, super high quota”. After you get hooked, you can use the unfamiliar loan process and swindle to charge a certain fee, such as "handling fee", "guarantee", "work cost" and so on. Liars often claim that they can only make a quick payment if they pay the fees first. Once you transfer the scammers, they will disappear.

2. Forgery of loan contracts, induction of signing

In this scam, most of the scammers will pretend to be regular large company staff, telling you that the loan approval has passed, and inducing you to sign a forged loan contract. After signing the contract, the liar will let you pay the fee for other reasons. If you refuse, they will use the agreement to threaten to go to court to force you to pay a certain fee. However, after the payment is completed, they will not be able to pass the loan due to insufficient bank flow or other factors, and the payment will not be refunded.

3, first prove the repayment ability and then lend

In order to release money, you must first deposit money in the bank card to prove the repayment ability. This is another way for the liar. In this case, the liar will help you to apply for a loan, let you provide the bank card number, and a certain amount of memory in the card to prove the repayment ability. Listening to the blame, it’s okay to save less money. In this way, you will receive a verification code soon on your mobile phone. At this time, the liar will let you give him the verification code. After the verification code is given, the money in the bank card will be gone, and the loan will not be available.

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