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Do you count the real interest of borrowing, micro-credit, and white bars?

Time: 2019-01-04         Source: Good Fortune         Author: Good fiscal

Just like every 30 days in a month, I don’t want to go to work. There are always 12 months of insufficient balance every year. At this time, we must especially thank the intimate "Repenting Jack Ma", "Ordinary Family Ma Huateng", "I don't know the wife and beauty Liu Qiangdong", the three kings, the flower buds, the borrowing, the micro-credit and the white strips, which brought us out of the heat. Rescue it.

However, will you count the real interest of borrowing, micro-credit, and white bars?

Next, let Xiaobian bring everyone together to unveil the mystery of white strips, flowers, borrowings and micro-credit.

Jingdong White Strip

White bars borrow money and use the monthly rate to calculate interest rates. This means that no matter how many months you borrow, the monthly money and handling fees are fixed.

The formula for calculating the effective interest rate is:

Monthly rate * number of installments * 24 / (segment number + 1), the current monthly rate of Jingdong white strip is 0.5% - 1.2% (month), we use 0.5% as an example, according to the formula to convert it into interest rate.

After 3 months, the actual annual interest rate is 0.5%*3*24/(3+1)=9%;

After 12 months, the actual annual interest rate is 0.5%*12*24/(12+1)=11.07%;

For 24 months, the actual annual interest rate is 0.5%*24*24/(24+1)=11.52%

It is obvious that the single-rate rates are the same, and the impact of different phases on interest rates is still very large.

Ant flower bud

The formula applicable to the flower bud is the annual interest rate = installment rate *24 / (segment number +1)

After 3 months, the actual annual interest rate is 15%;

After 6 months, the actual annual interest rate is 15.4%;

In one year, the actual annual interest rate is 16.2%.

The method of calculating the calyx is the same as the white strip in the form of a rate.

Ant borrowing/network merchant loan

Both lending and online business loans are products of Alipay. The two are not the same as the crowd positioning, and the others are the same. The way of repayment of the two is to adopt the method of equal principal: the monthly repayment is fixed, but the interest is reduced month by month, and the principal is increased month by month. In this repayment mode, the actual annual interest rate can be calculated directly by using the daily interest rate *365.

Assume that the current daily interest rate is five ten thousandths, and the actual annual interest rate is 0.05%*365=18.25%.

Microparticle loan

Micro-credit and ants borrow the same way of repayment, and the two are nothing more than the difference between WeChat and Alipay. Micro-credit is also a repayment method that uses the same amount of principal. Under the condition of five-quarters of the daily interest rate, the actual annual interest rate is 18.25%.

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