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Credit card and online loan together owe 500,000, what happens when there is no money?

Time: 2019-01-04         Source: Explosion help         Author: Chen Xing

Credit card online loans owe more than 500,000 yuan, no overdue records, and now there is no money to pay the current five or sixty thousand bills, what should I do?

Escape is not a solution to the problem, but you are involved in two situations, one is a credit card and the other is online lending. The situation and treatment of the two are different.

credit card

According to the judicial interpretation of the credit card issued by the Supreme Law and the Supreme Inspection on December 1, 2018, the qualitative overdraft of credit cards was relaxed to a certain extent: first, the amount of filing was increased from 10,000 to 50,000; second, the subject matter of the litigation only contained this Gold, excluding interest, compound interest and other fees.

Therefore, if the amount owed by your credit card does not exceed 50,000 yuan, then your dispute with the bank is a civil dispute and will not involve the issue of imprisonment. Only your overdue records will be listed on the blacklist of credits forever. After 5 years of settlement of the arrears; and the amount of the arrears exceeds 50,000 yuan, it will meet the filing standards for criminal cases. Once the bank sues, you are in jail. Even if you run, there will be online wanted.

Banks will not be involved in huge profits, unless the non-performing loans are packaged as asset transfer packages and transferred to asset management companies. At this time, third-party asset management companies, not banks, are collected. This is one of the reasons why banks are sometimes misunderstood. However, the transfer process is generally as fast as one year (in the first half of the year, the general bank will collect the goods first, after all, the price of the package transfer is too low), and the slow is two or three years.

Therefore, in the short term, the credit card owing money has less impact. At most, it is included in the blacklist of credit information, and the credit card can be paid in installments. If there is sufficient capacity to repay after the installment, the installment can also be used.

Online loan

At present, many of the loans on the Internet are not compliant (often all are usury loans). Many online loans are not even reported at all, but the impact of borrowing online loans is worse than that of bank credit cards. I have experienced the surrounding. A friend is involved in online lending. The general treatment method for online loan overdue is as follows: the first text message is sent to me for collection, and the second is sent to all address book friends if it is not handled by the group (that is, the so-called explosion address book, the better is only civilization Retrieve, almost all kinds of 谩骂); third, if it is still unresolved, it will be on the borrower’s unit or in the home, or even violent collection.

Therefore, the short-term impact of online lending is much higher than that of credit card debts. For online loans, you can negotiate and reduce some interest. At least 36% will not be paid. Of course, the lower the ratio, the better. The lending company confirms that you are unable to repay all the principal and interest, and some online lending companies will reduce the subsequent interest, only the principal (because the premise has already received enough). If you can't negotiate, you can appeal to the court. In this case, you can pay interest of up to 36% per annum, and then try to borrow money to return it. Otherwise, once you break the address book or make trouble with the unit, basically your personal credit will be no longer No more.

to sum up

I don't know why you will have more than 500,000 arrears? This amount is relatively large, which is more than the principal or interest? If it is more than the principal, then you want to change the method (selling a house to sell a car, borrowing all the friends) to return it. After all, you can return 50,000 to 60,000 in the previous period, which proves that you have certain strength; if interest is a big part, then Just sue, and only return interest within 36%.

Finally, let's say: Don't touch the online loan, ten touched 9.9!

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