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Forecast: The top 5 list of banks with fast and fast withdrawals in January 2019 must see!
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Card sister predicts that in January 2019, some banks' credit cards will be very good, and some banks will have a very easy offer! In order to prepare the card friends in advance, the card sister deliberately summed up the top five list of the Shenhua Bank in January 2019. Is your credit card on the list?

Card sister predicts that in January 2019, some banks' credit cards will be very good, and some banks will have a very easy offer! In order to prepare the card friends in advance, the card sister deliberately summed up the top five list of the Shenhua Bank in January 2019. Is your credit card on the list? Look down together~

The top five banks in January

Fifth place: Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank has a lot of credit card application channels, such as counters, official website applications, and 360 platform (we read the original text and menu bar), Alipay, etc., the ease of the card is self-evident. Like Pufa's world exclusive card, simple white, and a variety of annual fee-free Platinum cards, card friends who need to apply for a try in January.

Fourth place: CITIC Bank

CITIC's card design is really good, and there are a lot of co-branded cards. Generally, the normal bank bundle traffic giant will definitely issue a large number of cards, otherwise the marriage will become meaningless. Yanka, i Platinum, naughty card, and the recent McDonald's joint name card are all good choices.

Third place: China Merchants Bank

China Merchants Bank need not say more, whether it is the card rate or the rate of increase is one of the best. Some people joked: "Compared to the existence of ICBC" but it is more reasonable than ICBC. If you have a good qualification, you can try the popular classic white. The young card friend YOUNG card is a must.

Second place: Industrial and Commercial Bank

ICBC is still the card-issuing champion this year, and the new year is of course rushing! Some card friends feedback that they are black and also have a card. Card sister is more recommended WeChat card, WeChat has just been revised, the traffic is huge, no doubt, the aunt must also want to smash the heat of a small horse, the traffic giants do not issue cards?

First place: Bank of Communications

The advantage of Bank of Communications is unique, character and good, the standard of nuclear card is simply low to no friends, as long as your Shenka information is complete, the personal credit record is good, no dark history, the probability of this card is more than 80%, many card friends are The menu bar application is a second batch ~ hot card Yu Yibai, Wal-Mart card, Suning card, the end of the goods is very convenient!

I don't know if you noticed it. The card sister recommended the hot card new card. In fact, this makes sense. The card rate of the hot card classic card has always been relatively high. Needless to say, it is best to apply for a platinum hot card. Every time a bank launches a new card, in order to allow some card friends to experience it as soon as possible, the threshold will be lowered relatively. The card friends understand that the two points will be applied again, and the pass rate will naturally be high.

Top five banks in January

Fifth place: Everbright Bank

The bald head said: As long as you perform well, I will occasionally give you a little more money. Generally, as long as you spend more time on credit card, Everbright Bank can raise the amount for you. According to feedback from many card friends, they can raise the credit limit of the big bank, at least 1,000 yuan, and the highest one is 5,000 yuan. In addition, Everbright's application is also relatively easy.

Fourth place: Industrial and Commercial Bank

The ICBC credit card per capita quota is 41,535 yuan, so I am afraid you are not afraid! The first line of the universe is not called white! If you have a savings card at ICBC, there is a so-called star rating. If you don't have a business with ICBC, there is no star rating. Staging, financial management, more deposits, good star brushing, and even a large amount, suitable for small partners who want large credit cards and have certain assets!

Third place: Guangfa Bank

Guangfa Bank is also recognized as a fast-paying bank by card friends, and Guangfa Bank's offer is also very simple. Many card friends have said that they can raise the amount by simply swiping the card. 3 months temporary 6 months fixed, fixed on time, the range is 30% to 50%. However, the last 100,000 is slower.

Second place: Agricultural Bank

Old farmers need not say more, kind. Moreover, the ABC's withdrawal is not capped. As long as you use the card for more than half a year, you can go to raise the amount. 6+1 is very stable. The rate of increase is between 40% and 60%.

First place: China Merchants Bank

The initial quota of China Merchants Bank is roughly 5,000 to 10,000. The better your credit, the higher the quota. As the boss of a commercial bank, who will not give it? The first mention is 6 months, and every 3 months afterwards, as long as more brushes, the speed of the increase is comparable to the rocket, and the reputation of China Merchants Bank is very good, and the graduation of Jinka is very easy.

It is very important to choose the card. 20,000 mentioned 23,000 and 10,000 mentioned 10,000. Apply for a card that can often be used to raise a card, a small amount of multi-brush, a large amount of occasional one-time, occasionally staging the bank's sweetness, and the amount of each person to raise the golden period, are relatively basic card-raising skills.

The above is the summary of the water release in January by the card sister. If you want to apply for a card, you can try it out, and you want to raise the amount of friends to raise the card! However, whether card friends can get the card and raise the amount, depending on the person, it depends on the qualification of the bank.

Card friends can also share their favorite bank in the comment area~

Finally, Kajie is here to thank everyone for their support. I hope that everyone will pay attention to the card in 2019. Everyone will be a Qatar~ Don't forget to continue to support the card sister!

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