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A summary of the ABC credit card withdrawal skills, is it useful to you?
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Banks love you more than card

Today, enjoy the ABC credit card withdrawal skills. Everyone thinks that there is something wrong with the comments in the comments; if you have a successful experience of the Agricultural Bank of China, you are welcome to share in the comments. Not much to say, Xiaobian will share with you a little bit of tips and tricks that I know.

1. The bank loves you to swipe more cards.

In fact, not just the Agricultural Bank, every bank is like this. The more you use, the more the bank will benefit. Here Xiaobian should remind everyone that don't brush or brush a large amount, so the bank will suspect that you are in tao xian, and may be severely bank sealed.

2. The bank is willing to give the amount to those who have the ability to repay

Before the credit card is raised, go to the bank for a small fixed deposit (5 years). After half a month, call to apply for the amount. It is said that the success rate of the increase is 50%. After the successful payment, the cancellation will be cancelled periodically. What are you doing? Of course, the amount of the increase is directly proportional to the amount of time deposits.

3. Buy a bank's wealth management products

In fact, buying wealth management products is almost the same as depositing. Listed here is also a channel for everyone.

4. Appropriate use of staging

Banks can issue credit card benefits including credit card fees, installment interest, and more. Knowing this, you will understand that when you need to use the installment to benefit the bank, after the repayment period, the application for the amount, the probability of bank approval will increase!

5. Show good units

A lot of business units around the business, the credit cards of the four major banks are not applied, and the unit is unified. Therefore, the bank attaches great importance to the cardholder's work unit.

Some banks even set up special customer service personnel in key enterprises. As long as they prove that you are a formal employee, the investigation letter will pass without any problem. Good units are not limited to the rest of the business units, such as state-owned enterprises, China's top 500... If you have the conditions, you must use them!

6. Seize the gold withdrawal period

ABC's fixed quota and temporary quota have a common scoring system, which means that the day of successful temporary quota is also the date of a fixed amount of success, so netizens call it the gold withdrawal period. The statutory holiday ABC will give some customers a temporary amount of temporary allowance, and everyone must seize this valuable opportunity.

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