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Guangfa's risk control has been continuously upgraded, and the limit and derating SMS messages are frequently fetched. 90% of the card friends are caught off guard!
Edit: Shenka XiaofeixiaSource: Rong 360 finishingDate: 2018-12-29


I didn’t expect it to be caught off guard by GF.

It will be over in 2018, but I didn’t expect it to be caught off guard by the GF. At the end of the month, many of the cadres’ card friends are mourning, derating, quotas, and seals...

This time, the risk control was very strong, and the number of deducted card friends was mostly around tens of thousands. Some of them were cut in half, and from tens of thousands to thousands and hundreds of them. The sad reminder is that there is a card. Friends were directly sealed for 8 yuan. There are also many card friends who are limited in spending, with a daily trading limit of 5,000.

Card 玖 (Shenka expert micro-signal: shenkanengshou) analysis, this derating, many of the cards are used for a long time, the amount is relatively high, and occasionally do the staging, there is no major violation of the card friends, only recently The amount of consumption is more.

Those declining losses are relatively terrible, and they are directly reduced to thousands of card friends. Many of them are online loans or even overdue. Those who directly seal cards are a lot of bad habits. Recently, they have been judged by banks. Tao xian.

Guangfa's customer service lady said that in addition to improper card swiping or violations, it has also been a period of irregular risk for banks. Many deratings are triggered after repayment or billing days. If you have recently received a limit reminder or warning message, it may be useful to do a staging.

In response to the derating of GF, which took so long, Kathy (Shenka expert micro-signal: shenkanengshou) gave you some suggestions.

1, recently do not use tao xian to get points, or convergence is good.

2, their qualifications are ordinary, but the amount is very high, so the bubble quota is obvious recently to standardize the use of cards.

3. If there are multiple minimum repayments in the near future, it may trigger the GF's risk control. It can repay the full amount or try to repay it in full.

4, the credit card long-term empty card and the credit liability is higher, the bank will judge you as a risk customer.

5. Card friends who often borrow online loans.

Finally, Ka Yan found that the WeChat payment points that have been mentioned before (Ma Huateng counterattack Ma Yun, Alipay Sesame credit is dangerous!), now just download the new version of WeChat 7.0, it will be opened, Guangzhou card friends have been opened successfully. Now this WeChat payment point is a rhythm that is to be fully open. It is still unclear whether the specific wool can be found, but it is still possible to pay the points first.

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