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Which bank credit card is the fastest in 2018? Banks speed up the competition!
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The credit card quota is generally the topic that everyone pays most attention to.

The credit card quota is generally the topic that everyone pays most attention to. We all know that the credit card's credit card is generally low. If you want a high amount, you should rely on the late card to raise the amount. The speed of credit card withdrawal is generally related to your card, but it is also inseparable from the bank's review mechanism. The same card, some of the amount will be faster. So which bank's credit card withdrawal is the fastest? Let's take a look together!

1. China Merchants Bank

The credit card withdrawal of China Merchants Bank is actually quite easy. As long as there is no problem with the card, the first card will be raised in 6 months, and then every 3 months, except for the card itself.

2. Minsheng Bank

Minsheng Bank's credit card withdrawal is also relatively fast, and the temporary amount can be raised every month. The solid amount can be raised once every three months. The premise is that the card should be swiped normally, and the number of credits per month must be sufficient.

3. Agricultural Bank

In the past two years, the Agricultural Bank has produced a lot of good cards. In fact, the old farmers’ card is also relatively fast. Although the previous 3+1 is dead, the current 6+1 is relatively fast, mainly stable. .

4. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

There are a lot of activities of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank. Therefore, it is necessary to participate in more business, and to spend more in the cooperation of merchants. Appropriate staging will help the amount.

5. Guangfa Bank

The levy of GF is also relatively fixed and punctual. As long as you don't overdue, you can brush up so many times a month. Basically, you will be offered a temporary quota for 3 months, and a fixed amount for 6 months. The amount is helpful.

6. Hua Xia Bank

Although Huaxia's card is less, the amount is very regular, as long as you don't have a bad card. Basically, the amount can be increased in six months, and the amount of the increase is about 30%.

As can be seen from the above rankings, the key to credit card withdrawal is to use cards and raise cards. As long as you do not have bad cards, use more brushes, and occasionally install them. The basic amount is no problem.

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