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Jingdong white strip can be cashed out! Does frequent use affect credit reporting?

Time: 2019-01-02         Source: Rong 360 finishing         Author: dill Money

Recently, are you all discussing the Liu Qiangdong incident?

As a person who eats melons, Xiao Bian also pays attention to it. There are various news on the Internet, which makes it difficult to tell the truth of the matter.

Forget it, what is the truth of the matter, too far away from us, I will not talk to you here.

So what about you?

Today, I will tell you about the cash withdrawal function of Jingdong White Bar.


Starting at a daily rate of 0.05%, 1% of the cash withdrawal fee

In fact, the white strip withdrawal has already existed in 2017, but only some users are available, and the current scope of internal testing is being opened. Want to know if you have it, you can open Jingdong to view it!

So when it comes to this, what is the white cash withdrawal?

White Strip Cash is a new equity launched by JD Finance for white-strip billing users. The white line quota (fixed amount) of the billing system user is evaluated by the system to obtain the highest white bar withdrawal amount. The user can extract the cash withdrawal amount of the white bar to the account card of the account, and calculate the interest on the daily basis and count it into the white bill.

Since it is calculated on a daily basis, what is its minimum interest rate?

The answer given by the official customer service is that the white cash withdrawal will be calculated on a daily basis from the date of the loan arrival, and the daily interest rate will be 0.05%. However, some users will use the white fee to take cash and take 1% of the cash withdrawal amount as the cash withdrawal. The handling fee is up to 50 yuan.

Note, some users do not charge a fee! Xiaobian asked about the colleagues around me and found that some of the collections were not collected. So if you want to know if you are charged a fee, you can see it directly by opening the white bar withdrawal page.


As for why there is no user to withdraw the cash, the official did not give a specific answer, Xiaobian guess may be related to the user's usual usage habits and repayment records.

Xiaobian Comments:

Although the white strip cash can be used for emergency when there is no money, the overall situation is still a bit pit, for example, if you want to withdraw 2,000 yuan, borrow 10 days, calculate the daily interest rate of 0.05%, then the cash withdrawal cost is 30 yuan, so it seems The cash withdrawal fee is not low, so it is best to calculate the cash withdrawal cost before you withdraw it.


When the white strip is taken, the credit history will be queried.

Many people will ask for a letter of credit at the cash withdrawal meeting?

Xiao Bian clearly tells you here that the white strip will be collected at the meeting.

When you take a white strip, you will be queried for your credit history record, and each query record will be reflected in the credit report, which means that it will be displayed once on the credit report every time you use it. It can be seen that the use of white bars for cash withdrawals will affect personal credit information.

Here you must remind everyone that white cash withdrawal does not support minimum repayments and installment repayments. In order to avoid overdue, you must use it according to your repayment ability before use. Because once it is overdue, it will not only affect the credit, but will also be

Overdue fees are charged on a daily basis, and the overdue fee is the same as the overdue fee (0.065%/day). If it has been overdue, JD will urge the repayment by SMS, telephone, and entrusting an external agency to remind us.

Xiaobian Comments:

White strips are the same as white strips. In order not to affect personal credit information, it is recommended that you do not overdue, repay on time, and maintain good spending habits.


How can I get a white ticket to get cash?

In fact, the white cash withdrawal, the same as the flower and the borrowing, all need to be systematically evaluated. After accumulating a good credit, it will be eligible for opening.

If you want to have the best to do the following (for reference only):

1. Use white bars to maintain good consumption habits. After all, the amount of white bars to be cashed out is evaluated by the system according to the quota of white bars.

2, to maintain a good credit situation, such as white bars, gold bars, etc., to keep repayment on time, do not overdue.

3. Try to maintain a good and stable use of the Jingdong account.

Xiaobian wants to say:

The white strips can be cashed out, and it may be possible to withdraw cash afterwards. Therefore, in order to have the cash withdrawal qualification, I hope that everyone must maintain a good credit record in daily life, and do not overdue on time. Only if your credit is good, the loan will be easier.

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