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After the online loan is borrowed, the platform does not automatically deduct the payment and it is overdue. What should I do?

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Online loan overdue is really not something worthy of praise. From a certain point of view, it is even a difficult thing to say; because overdue represents a person’s untrustworthy behavior. Of course, there are two sides to everything. After the online loan is borrowed, if it is due to the platform not automatically deducted, it will be overdue. What should we do? Is this possibility big?

Some netizens told Xiaobian that they had deposited the money with a bank card earlier. The result was not automatically deducted, and then they did not verify it. Eventually, it was overdue for two days. The home phone was blown up, all relatives and friends. I know that I have settled things that I have not paid back; however, this kind of obvious platform mistakes, he will certainly pursue the end; so it seems that it is best to pay attention to your own billing day after borrowing!

Generally speaking, the platform does not automatically debit the following two situations:

1. The buckle channel happens to be the same day's fault, or the network is faulty; since the automatic deduction is the platform to deduct the corresponding fee in the user's bank card, the deduction channel will be taken. Once the network is unstable, the bank will ensure the security of the funds. The deduction is terminated; at the same time, the bank's own system will stop the debit business if it needs to be upgraded.

2. The user closes the automatic debit function. When the user borrows from the borrowing platform, he will automatically sign a “callback agreement”. After signing this, the bank can entrust the bank to deduct the amount to be paid in the current month. This deduction agreement can be closed in the bank unilaterally. Once this is closed, unless the re-signing, the platform can't deduct it!

If the platform side problem causes the debit to fail, the user does not need to bear the liability for breach of contract.

No matter how long the overdue is, as long as the user has evidence to prove that he has deposited the card in the card before the repayment date, then there is no need to bear the liability for breach of contract. If it is collected, the other party can also be required to eliminate the negative impact; but this also has a problem, that is, It is difficult to prove that it is difficult for a user to do this unless it is a complaint made by the competent authority at the place of registration. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the failure of the deduction in advance.

1. Many online lending platforms have a way of repaying the public. They can ask and carefully retain them. At the same time, they pay more attention to the announcement of the debit card bank. Once the upgrade is required and the deduction cannot be made, the repayment method can be adopted. Make a repayment, and also note the contract number.

2. There are many platforms that are deducted in the middle of the night. For example, on the repayment date of No. 2, it is very likely that the deduction will start at 12 o'clock on the 2nd, and many borrowers will only deposit after work on the 2nd. Naturally, the deduction failed. Therefore, early deposit is also a very necessary thing!

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