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What is the difference between Alipay's loan experience quota and online merchant loans?

Time: 2018-12-04         Source: Rong 360 finishing         Author: Columbia Fire

Today, Xiao Bian found a new loan product in Alipay – the loan experience quota. Many netizens asked, what is the difference between it and online business loans?

What is the loan experience limit?

It is a micro-credit service provided by some merchants under the Alipay line.

How to open a loan experience quota?

The opened merchants can complete the online signing through the Alipay-merchant service portal, and complete the payment of the money collection code of 1 yuan or more, and the lighting experience can be lighted up (lighting is expected to be completed within 3-5 days, the actual lighting time is The system display is accurate; the loan can be used after the amount is lighted.

Is there a manual review for applying for a loan experience?

It is a system automated audit product that does not require manual review.

What is a network business loan?

Online business loans are launched by online merchant banks. The operating loans for small and micro enterprises and individual entrepreneurs are lower than the interest on borrowing. There are now many ways to apply. Not everyone can see the network. The window of the loan.

What is the difference between the loan experience quota and the online merchant loan?

The loan experience quota is a loan service for the merchants' experience of some money collection codes. The current quota is 500 yuan or 1000 yuan. The Alipay money collection code is used for payment, and the merchant has the opportunity to upgrade to the "network merchant loan" standard edition. If the upgrade is successful, the Loan Experience Limits service will be replaced with the "Web Commercial Loan" Standard Edition service.

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