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Lu Jinsuo and Lu Jinfu, after reading this article, don’t make a mistake.

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Lu JinsuoLu JinfuAre you clear?

Lu Jin and Lu Jinfu, have you separated?


This year, Lu Jin’s news is quite a lot, and Lu Jinfu is relatively low-key.

The consequence of one voice and the other is that online lenders often regard the news of the former as the latter. When they see the words "stepping on thunder" and "overdue", they are worried that there is a problem and they see The words "financing" and "IPO" are rushing to ask if it is good.

Recently, Lujin has made another news. It is good news. Foreign media reported that Lu Jin’s latest round of financing C round financing has reached 1.33 billion US dollars, and the valuation after financing is nearly 40 billion yuan.

The name of the financier is well-known. The leading investors include the Qatar Investment Authority, the world's top ten sovereign wealth fund, Chunhua Capital, a domestic private equity firm, and JP Morgan Chase, UBS, Goldman Sachs. Other private equity investment departments, there are also a number of Chinese and foreign institutions and investment.

When I mention Lu Jin, I will first think of Lu Jinfu when I vote for P2P. What is the relationship between Lu Jin’s financing and Lu Jinfu? Can you vote? Today we take this opportunity to take care of it. Lu Jin is What kind of platform does a company have to do with Lujin clothing?


Lujin is a financial technology company owned by Ping An of China. Now it is a comprehensive financial and wealth management information service company, and has carried out some comprehensive financial management projects, such as fund, insurance, private placement, trust, brokerage and other business; Lu Jinfu is A subsidiary of Lujin, which specializes in online loan business cooperation.

The Lujin platform once also provided online loan business services, and the results were not bad. It was established in September 2011 and started its P2P business in March 2012. Between 2014 and 2016, the cumulative turnover of the platform has remained the number one in the industry.

Later, because of the policy compliance, the need for listing and other factors, the business of online lending was divested.

At the end of 2016, Lujin issued an announcement that Lujin’s online loan business service will continue to be provided by Lujin, and Lujin will integrate Lujin, CICC, the Former Exchange and Inclusive Finance in 2016. , to change its position from "network lending platform" to "financial asset transaction information service platform."

Lu Jinfu was mainly engaged in financial asset trading services before taking over the online loan business of Lujin. It was a wholly-owned subsidiary established by Lu Jin in October 2014.

This year, Lujin has successively reported that “130 million projects are trampled on thunder” and “consignment products are overdue”, etc., which belong to Lujin’s securities business asset management products, and have nothing to do with Lujin’s online loan business.

Lujin's online lending business is known as the Lujin service platform. The cumulative turnover of the platform is 266 billion, ranking among the top online lending rankings of many third-party organizations.


Finally, the news of the return of financing, before Lu Jin has heard several IPO news, but because of regulatory and environmental reasons, repeatedly delayed, in the capital market into the cold winter, Lu Jinzhi came to the financing news, listed The pace will either speed up.

Lujin clothing is the online loan platform of Lujin. Lujin is backed by Ping An Group. Lu Jinfu is the absolute head platform in the industry. Its strength and background are still strong enough. The successful financing and listing of Lujin has no substantial impact on Lujinfu, and it is a icing on the cake.

Now that the online lending platform is in the process of compliance inspection, the final stage of most small and medium-sized platforms is still unknown. At this time, if you want to invest in P2P, the head platform will be a relatively safe choice.

Investing in P2P, security is the most important! You can go to the WeChat public account: financial notes, reply to "ratings" to view the latest online loan rating report.

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