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What is a practical and effective landing trick?

Time: 2018-12-04         Source: Rong 360 finishing         Author: melt 360

For many borrowers, when they need the most money for help, they are pulling money.

However, for more borrowers, when they are most eager for a better life, they are also pushing online loans to the abyss.

With loans to raise loans, violent collections... Let the days lose their brilliance little by little, and life becomes meaningless. However, after the deep Internet loan, is there really no longer a day?

Perhaps, the borrowing experience of these borrowers below will allow you to find the answer.


Female 27 years old, owed 20 million

Ashore method: change the consumption habits of big hands and feet, save money and pay back

In 2015, Bai Baigang graduated from university and worked as a front desk in a company. At that time, although I did not earn much, I lived very fulfilledly, without money or desire.

In 2016, the light work turned into a market sales, and there were more wealthy people who came into contact with it. They began to like luxury goods, Chanel, LV, Givenchy, etc., and used one of the latest Apple phones every year.

Slowly began to linger, and began to slap on the Internet, use credit cards, and later to raise loans by loans, almost every day is a repayment date.

In April of this year, a penny can't be borrowed. More than 40 calls are received every day, not only the address book is smashed, but also the company calls the company to collect debts. There are 23 hours in 24 hours.

In order to pay off debts, I sold my favorite perfumes and bags! In the past, I used to take a bus every day. I only go out by bus, can not eat without eating, can eat expensive, do not eat expensive, no longer go shopping, do not buy clothes.

I also sold the Apple phone and replaced it with the old machine. The monthly salary is only 1,500 lives, and the rest are debts! Although the days are too tight and bitter, but watching the arrears a little less, everything is worth it.


Male 23 years old, owed 100,000

Ashore approach: confess to your family, ask for help

When he first contacted the online loan, Jia Rui just got a freshman. Usually, there is not a lot of living expenses, but I can see that the students around me are better at eating or using them. In order not to be compared, they will start online loans.

Since then, it has become unmanageable, and more and more debts owed by online loans have begun to raise loans. Slowly, the amount of arrears changed from 5,000 in the beginning to 10,000, and finally became 100,000.

Later, with the comfort of a friend, he finally gave courage to tell the family. On the same day, he was stunned by his father, and his mother sighed and shed tears.

After the fight, the parents did not help him pay the debts, but he was given a leave of absence. Then he took him to the cement factory opened by his uncle to work. Let him make money and pay debts through his own efforts.

During that time, Jia Rui’s life was extremely difficult. During the day, he built cement in the uncle’s factory. When he got off work in the afternoon, he went to the supermarket to work part-time. Every night, he had to work at 11 or 12 o’clock.

After a month, he lost 20 kilograms. Due to long-term contact with cement, his hands were also corroded and cracked a lot. Parents are very distressed, but in order to let him really repent and rehabilitate, this is the only way.

At present, Jiarui has already returned 70,000, and will be able to clear the debt by the end of the year. Jia Rui also promised to his parents that after the payment, they would never touch the online loan again.


Female 35 years old, arrears 130,000

Ashore method: develop a detailed repayment plan, online remittance punch

After the birth of the child, the expenses of the family are getting bigger and bigger, and Qiufang can't even buy a piece of 200 pieces of clothes.

Since seeing an emotional blogger advocating "a woman should buy and buy", Qiufang feels that she was too ill-treated before.

So flower, borrowing, credit card became her helper to ease the mood. After that, more and more things are being bought, and they are getting more and more expensive. When the money is not enough, she finds money on various borrowing apps, and finally develops into a loan to raise money.

Slowly, Qiufang found that she could not work at ease and live happily. The husband also quarreled with her every day. In January this year, she even proposed a divorce to her, saying that she would take her children away.

In order to save the family, Qiufang made up his mind and formulated a detailed repayment plan.

She wrote the amount and the number of the arrears on each platform on the book and the desk calendar. The total arrears and the repayment order of the app were planned. I borrowed some money from my friends and lost nearly 10 short-term highs. The amount of APP, after the end of the APP will be deleted, never download. There are currently only six left.

In order to urge her to insist on repaying the loan, she also opened a post on the Internet to record her repayment history.

Today, I would like to share with you the experience. I want to tell you that online lending is not a heinous act. It is not a fantasy to go ashore. When there is demand, correct and reasonable online loans; when you are caught in the online loan quagmire, don't break the jar, actively face it, and work hard to make money and repay the loan. Good days never give up on you, provided you can't abandon yourself. Finally, I sincerely hope that everyone will come ashore soon.

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